Book Lovers Recommendations March 2019

The Au PairThe Au Pair
By Emma Rous

Seraphine Mayes never understood why her mother threw herself off a cliff on their Norfolk estate right after she gave birth to Seraphine and her twin brother, which just so happened to be the same day that the family’s au pair disappeared. Now she is determined to find out the truth, and this leads her to discovering lots of family secrets, leading to a dramatic conclusion.

Death Comes to BathDeath Comes to Bath
By Catherine Lloyd

Part of a series of historical mysteries, this novel can stand-alone as well. Sir Robert Kurland and his wife visit Bath after Sir Robert is injured at Waterloo. When a wealthy businessman he befriends is found stabbed to death in the Roman baths, the couple stay on to solve the mystery.

Desolation MountainDesolation Mountain
By William Kent Krueger

Stephen O’Connor joins forces with his father and some other Native Americans to find out the truth about a plane that crashed in Minnesota, killing the US Senator who was on it, as well as much of her family. This is a twisted mystery/adventure compounded by the differences in personalities and cultures of the investigators.

Kitchen YarnsKitchen Yarns
By Ann Hood

This is a collection of essays written by Ann Hood which are connected by their shared theme of food and cooking. Ann Hood, who has survived the death of a child, adoption, divorce and re-marriage, writes like an old friend. Reading her is like listening to someone you would love to have sitting next to you in your kitchen with a cup of tea.

Late Life LoveLate Life Love
By Susan Gubar

Susan has just turned 70 and this is a memoir, focusing a lot on how she lives her life now. She has had ovarian cancer for 10 years and is sharing her life with a second husband, 17 years older than she is. She writes about how the two of them have found how rewarding life can be at any age or stage of life.

The Light Over London

The Light Over London
By Julia Kelly

In 2017, Cara finds an old journal written by a young woman during World War II, telling about a wartime romance. The novel goes back and forth between present time Cara, and Louise, starting when Louise was 17 in World War II England. Cara’s search for the information about the woman who wrote the journal leads her to truths about past loves and relationships and some secrets from her past.

My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and DebbieMy Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie
By Todd Fisher

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were two larger-than-life personalities, and between them, their lives and careers spanned several generations. Their deaths in 2016 occurred within 24 hours of each other. The only surviving family member, Debbie’s son, Todd, has written this book about his fascinating family. It’s an interesting story told by the only person who knew them well enough to tell it.

Nine Pints: A Journey Through Money, Medicine and Mysteries of BloodNine Pints: A Journey Through Money, Medicine and Mysteries of Blood
By Rose George

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know – and a few things you might not have wanted- about blood is covered in this book, by Rose George. Science, politics, Ebola, synthetic blood, more are covered her. It’s much more fun than it sounds.

The Right SideThe Right Side
By Spencer Quinn

Spunky LeAnn is a female soldier, who has been at Walter Reed hospital for what seems like 50 years. After her hospital roommate dies, LeAnn sets out to visit her home in Washington State. LeAnn meets a dog, who helps her perform daily tasks, always at her “right side,” which was damaged in the war. LeAnn and her dog are an unlikely pair but they turn out to be champions.

Watching YouWatching You
By Lisa Jewell

The book begins with a murder, but you don’t know who has been killed, and the pace just ratchets up from there. A body is found in the kitchen of a house in a nice neighborhood in Bristol, and one character after another is introduced at a fast pace-all of whom could have done the deed. It’s a page turner, and has a surprise conclusion.