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This Summer, We Read…

Check out what our library patrons thought of some of our summer book club books!

“This book is about a 16 year old girl living with her dad after her mom dies in an accident. She goes to live with her dad, who dies, and has to fend for herself in the wild by herself. I liked the progression of the story and how she gets stronger.” – Kathryn

“What I liked about this book is how in the beginning, Jess writes about before she was stranded, and is trying to survive, in her notebook. I also liked the firsthand view about how Jess survived in the wilderness, and what she had to do. I would recommend this book, and to people who like action stories, as well as survivalist stories.” – Elizabeth


“This book is about 3 kids who are invited to a game that will change the world. The game is about coding, technology, and puzzles. But it isn’t all fun and games at the convention. There are lots of twists, corruption, and a warlord threatening to burn down one of the kids homes if they don’t build the warlord a GPS jammer.” – Matthew

“I liked the plot and the pacing. It was cool that there was a lot of diversity. But I found that some characters were underdeveloped and Rex and Wolf’s romance was totally unnecessary. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes thrillers and technology would enjoy this book. I read it in one sitting, and I immediately thought of many of my tech-scifi-obsessed friends.” – Stuti

“A boy named Thorn gets sold as a slave to Tyburn who is an executioner for the Shadows’s Household. Lily Shadow has now become Lady Shadow after the murder of her family. Thorn and Lily must work together, and break rules to find out who the killers are. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Brandon Mull books or Percy Jackson. The magical adventure never stops.” – Hannah

What I liked about this book is the six different houses that represent the different signs in the world, like oceans, fire, sunlight, and darkness. I also like how a noble and a peasant team up to solve the truth behind the poisoning, and it leads to another mystery, and a long of events in between the two mysteries. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, horror, or both, or to anyone who hopes to get into this kind of genre” – Elizabeth

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