Give these Digital Escape Rooms a try!

Think outside the box to solve a series of puzzles and complete the story!

Ketterdam Heist: A Six of Crows Digital Escape Room

Created by Abigail Hsu, Young Adult Librarian at Morristown & Morris Township Library

You have been given the task of stealing three items from a wealthy merchant in the city of Ketterdam. Do you have what it takes to pull off this heist?


Into the Spirit World: A Studio Ghibli-inspired Digital Escape Room

Created by Abigail Hsu, Young Adult Librarian at Morristown & Morris Township Library

You are a human who has accidentally stumbled into the Spirit World. Night has fallen and you are unable to return to the Human World…


K-Pop Trivia Escape Room

Created by Abigail Hsu, Young Adult Librarian at Morristown & Morris Township Library

It’s your first time at a K-Pop convention and you have the chance to win a ticket to the convention concert! All you need to do is complete an immersive trivia game…


Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Created by Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA

It is your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you could not be more excited. As you head into the cozy common room, the house prefect announces that you have a fun team building activity to complete before you get too settled into your new digs…


Mandalorian Digital Escape Room 

Created by the Manchester Community College Library in Manchester, NH

An old bounty hunter friend needs your help to rescue someone…


The Minotaur’s Labyrinth Digital Escape Room

Created by by Karen Liu (Salt Lake County), a Teen Librarian at The County Library’s Riverton Branch

The Minotaur lies in the heart of a labyrinth and you must make your way to it. You are the demigod Theseus, son of Poseidon and heir to Aegeus. You offered yourself as a tribute, in hopes of killing the monster within…


The 74th Hunger Games Escape Room

Created by Amy German, a Youth Services Librarian at Round Rock Public Library

Your name is Katniss Everdeen and you have volunteered as tribute for the 74th Hunger Games…


Cabin Fever Virtual Escape Room

Created by Celeste Trottier, Teen Services Librarian at the St. Albert Public Library

You are a Level 4 Junior Forest Scout. While gathering wood for a fire, you discover an empty cabin in the woods…


The Library of Alexandria Escape Room

Created by Portia Carryer for San Leandro Public Library’s Staycation 2020

As you’re clicking through the library website to borrow an e-book, your phone screen flickers, goes black, and then flashes bright white light. When your eyes adjust, you’re no longer in your house…


Star Wars Digital Escape Room

Created by Jenny Hansen of the Dover Area Community Library

You, Finn, Rey, and BB-8 are on a special mission from General Leia Organa when a First Order Star Destroyer captures your ship. You resist but the next thing you see is a bright light from a blaster and then darkness. You wake up hours later in a small dark cell…


Journey Through Oakwald Forest: A Throne of Glass Digital Escape Room

Created by Youth Services Staff at Rita and Truett Smith Public Library

General Aedion has given you the the task of a simple delivery mission through Oakwald Forest to Allsbrook castle…



[More activities to come soon!]