“The Lighthouse Exhibit” on Display Sept. 30 – Dec. 15

“The Lighthouse: The Morris Merger, Integration and NJ’s Historic Supreme Court Decision tells the story of eight plaintiffs who bravely placed their names on a lawsuit (Jenkins v. The Township of Morris School District and Board of Education) to help prevent segregated schools from being a permanent fixture in American society.

Beatrice Jenkins, Cliff Burton, Charles C. “Moose” Jamison, Jr., Theodore King, Valerie Kowalski, Lloyd Newberry, Inge Nierenberg, and Ernestine Ritchie uplifted the goals of the landmark decision Brown v. Board of Education. The exhibit highlights what came before the merger as it is just as important as what came after. As the Jenkins decision notes, true integration that begins in schools has reverberating effects that help displace racial intolerance and the polarization of political attitudes.” – The Lighthouse

In the Croy Media Wing, the Lighthouse Exhibit will be on display between September 30th and December 15th. To learn more about this historic feat, please visit us, and also visit The Morris Merger website.