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Index to Miscellaneous Manuscripts 1691-2011

  Catalog Number: MSS H2 Misc
  Title: Index to Miscellaneous Manuscripts at the North Jersey History & Genealogy Center


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This collection is open for research under the conditions set forth in the North Jersey History and Genealogy Center archives access policy. All archival material should be handled with care and kept in its original order; notes may only be taken in pencil or with a computer, and food and drink are prohibited in the Reading Room. Records may be copied for scholarly or personal research using the edge scanner or a digital camera without flash; however, researchers must obtain copyright permission prior to publishing material from the collection.

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Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, The North Jersey History & Genealogy Center, The Morristown and Morris Township Library.

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The collection inventory was revised by Christine Jochem in 2007, and by Meghan Chapuran in 2021.

Scope and Content of the Papers
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Scope and Content of the Collection

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection contains smaller or single-item collections that are unrelated by provenance. Their custodial history is largely unknown. Brought together for ease of access and preservation, this collection spans the years 1691 to 2011 and is arranged alphabetically by creator, subject or type of material. Content varies widely, but primarily centers around the Morris County vicinity and New Jersey. The collection includes correspondence, deeds and land records, financial and legal documents, sermons, bible records, business, church and town records, personal diaries and journals, political memorabilia, military records, advertisements and ephemera. The collection is updated on a regular basis.

This collection is arranged alphabetically. (Use control F to search this document.)

List of items

Entry   Description
A. B. Farquhar Co.
Abeel family
Bible records.
Abbott, Charles C. 
Letters from Abbott in Trenton, NJ, to Ernest Ingersoll, 1873.
Account of property taxes
Paid by unidentified township freeholders, incomplete document, January 20, 1726/7.
Adams, John Quincy 
Lithograph, signed, n.d., removed from Samuel Fowler Butterworth Notebook, "Journal of Theron H. Butterworth, 1841-1842" (typed copy).
Adsit family 
Genealogy: bible records.
Afton, NJ
Afton and Hanover Protective Association, Constitution and Bylaws, 1889.
Alexandria, VA
Printed flyer for the Society for the Restoration of Historic Alexandria, July 1, 1903.
Alfred Dolge & Son, Gen’l Wholesale Agents
Figure Music for the Autoharp [pre1899].
Allendle, D. S.
Receipt, March 6, 1873.
Ames, Joseph B.
Letters re: Morristown Boy Scouts: letter to Mr. F.W. Keasbey, Morristown, NJ, February 2, 1918; letter to Mrs. Dickinson, n.d. (April 5th).
Anderson family
"A Memorandum Book Containing the Sundry Ages of the Children of John and Elizabeth Anderson, As Also Their Own", 18th-19th c.
Anderson, Jacobus V.A.
Receipt book for unidentified transactions, 1790-1796.
Andover Iron Works
"An act...Mary Allen, widow of John sell and dispose...Andover Iron Works...November, 30, 1784" (located in Livingston, NJ, Sussex and Morris Counties)
Applegate family 
Genealogy: correspondence, misc. notes.
Archer, Jacob 
Account book, 1794-1796.
Arnold, Col. Jacob
Facsimile of receipt given by Col. Jacob Arnold, March 2, 1788.
Astor-Owens, John Jacob
Program, 1916.
Autograph book
Belonging to "CBB" (Conny, or Connie, BB), 1909-1911.
Axtell family
Genealogy: bible records, 1751-1953. [Also includes the Condict, Day, Loree, Mills, and Morris families.]
Ayers family
Primarily Joseph J. Ayres Papers, Rockaway, NJ, misc. papers, 1828-1894.
Baker, William C.
Description and survey of property belonging to William C. Baker, Esq., on Hill Street, Morristown, NJ, 1871. Deed of gift to William C. Baker of family portraits, 1900.
Baldwin family
Balish family 
Genealogy: family tree, family genealogy, information on S. Balish and Son family business, 1878-1975.
Bartow family
Genealogy: bible records, letter re publication of bible records in TAG. Also includes information on the Ogden family.
Basking Ridge, NJ
Churches: St. Joseph's Church, financial report for 1888.
Basking Ridge, NJ
Receipts, Basking Ridge Congregation: 1851,1862.
Beach, Abraham and Parnell
Estate papers: administration papers, orphans court, inventory, etc., 1804-1830.
Beach Family
Surveyor’s Field Notes of Stephen Beach land in Hanover NJ, 1839.
Beale, R.L.T.
Letter to Henry Branch of Montville, NJ, Februry 29, 1848.
Beekman, Kathleen Morris Parker
Cousin May’s Journal, typewritten draft of autobiographical reminiscences.
Benedict Family
Bible record.
Bernards Township, NJ
Van Wagoner Estate tax bills, 1881-1884.
Berthier Family
Poem entitled "Winter in June" written on page from Bible with annotated reference to Beverwyck and Troy,  1819, 1823
Blachley, Bayard
Mortgage receipt, Leacroft,  November 11, 1826.
Blachly, Theodore
Invitation to investigate a suburban residence, Schwab estate, n.d.
Blazier, Oscar V.
[resident of Gillette, Morris County, NJ] patent awarded to Blazier for snaphooks, December 12, 1888.
Blazier, Oscar V.   [resident of Gillette, Morris County, NJ] patent awarded to Blazier for trace loops for vehicles, April 2, 1889.
Blazier, Oscar V.   [resident of Gillette, Morris County, NJ] patent awarded to Blazier for railway time signals, April 28, 1891.
Bond, Thomas, Sr.
Letter to son, Bethesda, Harford County, May 27, 1820.
Boonton, NJ
"Lots at Boonton Sold on South Side of Canal", 1863.
Boonton, NJ
Ephemera, 1890, 1906.
Boonton, NJ - Churches
First Presbyterian Church at Boonton, 125th anniversary publication, 1957.
Boonton, NJ – High School
Boonton, NJ – Politics & Government
Proposal & related items for pumping station, 1921.
Boorman, H. T.
Account Book with John Guerin, 1874-1875; includes later budgeting for 1937 in an unknown hand.
Boudinot, Tobias
Order for leather, November 20, 1[8]16.
Bouquet Album
Unidentified artist, c. 1850.
Britton Family  
Genealogy, miscellaneous items.
Brookfield Family
Cemetery deed - Evergreen Cemetary, June 5, 1860; Will of Catherine A. Brookfield,  July 22, 1890.
Brooklyn, NY
Academy of Music, Program, 1880-1881.
Brooklyn, NY
Deed, Greenwood Cemetery, to Catherine A. Duryer, December 10, 1850; supporting items, 1887-1892.
Brookside, NJ
Tenant's Agreement, April 1, 1878.
Bryan, John
Indenture between John Bryan & Samuel & Tomas Wills, October 1800.
Bryant Family
Misc. information pertaining to the Bryant family of Morris County, the family homestead and the Bryant Distillery in Succasunna, NJ.
Budd Family
Genealogy, miscellaneous items.
Budd, George
Letters to family members from abroad, 1876-1890.
Budd Lake, NJ
The Forrest House Brochure, c. 1900.
Budd/Bruen Family
Genealogy:  bible records.
Burlington City, NJ
Store script for 254, October 16, 1862.
Burlington County, NJ - Correspondence
Correspondence to Mrs. Thomas (Lucy) Dunfrey of New Egypt, from various family members in Point Pleasant, 1849-1854.
Burnet Family
Miscellaneous financial documents, 1818-1857; Coat of Arms.
Burnet, Ira
Miscellaneous financial and legal records documenting transactions, principally in Madison, NJ, 1809-1852.
Burroughs Family
Genealogy, miscellaneous items.
Byram Family
Genealogy, miscellaneous items.
Byram Family
Of Sussex County, NJ, financial documents, 1796-1812.
Cahill, William T.
Invitation to Cahill Reception, October 29, 1969, to meet President and Mrs. Richard M. Nixon, with letter from Harry L. Sears and Joseph J. Maraziti supporting the election of Cahill.
Call, Daniel
True Copy of Land Patent Grant issued on May 6, 1811, March 11, 1825.
Calling Cards
Campfield, William
Receipt for tools unfit for service on behalf of James Abeel from Henry Dagett, Seventh Connecticut Regiment,  June 20, 1780.
Canfield Family
Genealogy, misc. items.
Cards and Postcards
Birthday, 20th century.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas, 20th century.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas cards, 1906-1914, nd.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas card from Captain L. Mills, 1952.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas cards from Jeff Eger, 2007 - present.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas cards from Ken & Nancy Miller, “Villa Fontana” 2007 - present.
Cards and Postcards
Christmas card to Police Chief Eugene Bauer c. 1952.
Cards and Postcards
Postcard, to Mrs. Frederick Keasbey, 1916
Cards and Postcards
Postcards, Thanksgiving, 20th century.
Cards and Postcards
Postcards, New Year's 1907-1913, n.d.
Carmichael, James
2nd regiment, Penn. Vols. – Letter to Henry k Fountain, esq, 1847
Carr Family
see Kinsey family.
Cary Family
Miscellaneous printed wedding invitations, 1884-1901.
Cassidy family
Correspondence – 4 letters: 1849, 1861
Chateaubriand, (?)
Income contract, May 21, 1766.
Chatham, NJ
Ogden Memorial Church, The Manse, correspondence to Mr. D.F. Sturgis, Morristown, NJ, 1907.
Chatham, NJ - Ephemera
Miscellaneous printed ephemera.
Chatham, NJ - Fire Department
Chatham Fire Company: First Annual Ball, Ladies Ticket, n.d.
Chatham, NJ - Musical Groups
Chatham Women's Choral, printed programs, 1934, 1935, 1937, n.d.
Chatham Township, NJ
Articles of Agreement between John Young and Stephen Young re:  Hammark Farm, January 3, 1817.
Chatham, NJ - Deed
Alfred Bounell to Peter A. Quick, September 18, 1878.
Chatham, NJ - Deed
Peter S. and Rachel C. Conover, and John C. and Elizabeth Conover to Louis M. Noe, June 15, 1903.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
Charles Ford and Rachel Ford to Stephen Young for property, July 28, 1835.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
John C. Goldberg and Mary Goldberg to Stephen Young for property, June 2, 1830.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
John Woodruff to Stephen Young for property, July 8, 1819.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
John Young to Stephen Young for property, February 3, 1817.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
Noah Young to Stephen Young, March 27, 1815.
Chatham Township, NJ - Deed
Noah Young to Stephen Young, March 28, 1816.
Chatham Township, NJ
Miscellaneous Tax Receipts, 1883-1904.
Chester Iron Company
Circular to stockholders, Hon. C. Beach, November 21, 1872.
Chester, NJ - Cemeteries           
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, history, constitution, and by-laws, 1956.
Chester, NJ – Churches
Chester Memorial Union Sunday School program, 1878.
Chester, NJ - Churches
Community Presbyterian Church:  printed ephemera 1951; History of the Community Presbyterian Church, 1752-1972, by Verna Allen, 1972.
Chester, NJ - Churches
Federated Church of Chester: printed ephemera, 1933, 1938.
Chester, NJ - Churches
First Congregational Church, printed ephemera, 1884, 1965, 1990.
Chester, NJ - Clubs and Organizations
The Chester Law and Order League: Constitution and By-Laws, 1908.
Chester, NJ - Genealogy
Descendants of the New Jersey Settlement of Odgen’s Mandamus, Adams Co., Mississippi. Settled by people from Chester, NJ. Printed ephemera: 21st Annual Reunion, 1960; 25th Annual Reunion, 1964; hand-drawn map, n.d.
Chester Township, NJ
“Chester’s Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, 1799-1949” booklet.
Chester Township, NJ - Deed   
Caroline L. and David R. Emmons to Anne F. and Thomas A. Moon, November 19, 1869.
Civil War
Discharge papers:  eight volunteers from NYC and New Jersey, 1862-1865.
Civil War
Unidentified letter from soldier in 66th Regiment, New York Volunteers, to his brother and sister, September 5, 1863.
Clark Family
Genealogy, misc. items.
Clinton County, PA
Deed, Aaron S. Lippincott to Anson G. Phelps, October 22, 1849.
Clothing Catalog [Men's]
Pamphlet, Hackett, Carhart & Co., 1895.
Coe, Robert
Estate inventory of ___ of Hempstead, August 11, 1733.
Colles Edwin
Genealogical notes, 1954, nd.
Colles, Jr., George W.
Announcement of award from The Engineering News to Colles and Edward R. Gallagher, for tests of an electric railway power station at West Haven, CT. Printed by The Banner, January 17, 1895.
Colles, James   New York Historical Society Resident Life Member certificate, 1850. [OS Conservation Lab]
Colles, Julia Keese
Advertisement for publication of Authors and Writers Associated with Morristown, printed by The Journal of Commerce, NY, April 1, 1893.
Collins Family   Paul F. Collins, Bayley Grammar School Certificate, 1922; Paul Collins, Bayley High School Pin, 1926; Marjorie A. Hahn, Dover Business College Pin, 1930; James Collins, Morris Township Junior High School Pin, 1958; James Collins, Madison High School Pin.9
Collins, Paul F.   Bayley Grammar School 8th grade certificate, June 25, 1922. [OS Conservation Lab]
Columbia University
Printed ephemera & publications, 1931-1937, n.d.
Condict, Henry V.
Typed manuscript re: early Alden family genealogy, with postcard illustrations, 1920.
Condict, Lewis MD   Handwritten Records: including First Presbyterian Church records, n.d.
Condict, Silas
Deed from George Bowlby to Simeon Vanwinkle for land in (Dover?) near Rockaway River.  Witnessed by Silas Condict, 1769.
Condit, Melvin     
Receipt for a portion of John A. Cobb Estate, August 24, 1880.
Conkling Family
Miscellaneous photos, letters, wedding announcement, 1891-1914, n.d.
Connet, E. F.
Receipt for portion of an estate, November 4, 1873.
Cook, Timothy
Itemized receipt and notes re: estate of Sarah Warner, 1876.
Cooke, Elizabeth Throckmorton
(Mrs. Thomas Turner) letter, photos, 1928, 1961-1982, n.d.
Cooke Family
Bible records & correspondence to John D. Canfield re: Cooke.
Cool, Harvey
Itemized claim from the estate of Richard Fields, 1873.
Coolidge, Grace Anna Goodhue
(Mrs. Calvin) invitation to White House Garden Party sent to Miss Vorhees, May 15, 1923.
Cooper Family
Letters & genealogical research notes of Grace LeBaron Parker.
Cornish Family 
Genealogy: notes & correspondence.
Cortelyou Family
Genealogy notes.
Cory, Jonathan 
Probate copy of will, 1837.
Cosgrove, Patrick
Naturalization record, October 23, 1858.
Courter, Aaron
Miscellaneous papers, 1851, 1866.
Cousin May's Journal
see Beekman, Katherine Morris Parker.
Cozad/Cosad Family
Genealogy: notes & abstracted records.
Crowley, Frances
Birthday party invitation, 1901.
Cutler, Willard
Documents pertaining to Military Pension Information, 1880, n.d.
Daab, Philip M.
Poster, tribute to Philip M. Daab upon his retirement, January 16, 1963. [OS Annex]
Dagon, John
Account Book with J. L. Kanouse, 1850-1851.
Danforth, Susan M.
(Mrs. Henry Nehemiah Dodge) European diaries, 1865-1869:  "Glimpses of European Society in the early [eighteen] sixties from the diary of an American Girl".
Davenport, Homer
Miscellaneous printed ephemera and photos, 1907, n.d.
Day, Christian
Article of Agreement between Christian Day and Bradford Straite: 1858..
Day family
Bible records, 19th century.
Day, Francis   Certificate of Holy Matrimony, March 7, 1878. [OS Annex]
Day, Hannibal
Copy of will and inventory of estate,  1889-1891.
Dayton, Gen. J.
Copy of letter from General Dayton to unidentified person, July 2, 1821.
for Deats, Maude E.           
see Job, Charles Edward - Certificate of marriage, Morristown, NJ, 1905. [OS Annex]
Decker, Sarah
Receipt to Charles Read from Francis Bernard, Governor of New Jersey, for expenses incurred by Charles Read in the redemption of Sarah Decker from the Indians, March 19, 1754 [1759?].
DeHart, Charles C
Copy of the pre-nuptial agreement between Charles C. DeHart and Rebecca H. Baldwin, June 17, 1890.
Dell, Silas
Miscellaneous papers, 1812-1857.
Democratic Banner
Miscellaneous receipts to David Lindsley for subscription, signed by Louis Vogt, 1838-1848.
Denville, NJ
Printed ephemera, 1982, 1988.
DeWitt, Archibald McIntyre
Patent award to DeWitt for Improvement in Remedies for Colds, etc.,  June 20, 1876.
Dexter, George MD   Hydropathic Institution Pamphlet, Morristown, NJ: 1845
Dickerson, Daniel and Dickerson, Abraham
Will, 1826, 1882 (copies).
Dickie, Russell Earl
Morristown High School diplomas, commencement program, 1935, 1939.
Dickinson, Caleb
Estate papers, re:  property in Chatham Township,  1850-1888.
Discharge Form
  Private William M. Conb from Civil War, June 29, 1865.
Dixon Family
[Pequannock, NJ] fraktur and photocopies of examples of fraktur, n.d.
Dodge, Mary Mapes
Letters, photos, miscellaneous printed material of Henry N. Dodge, 1891-1893, 1903, 1907, 1921, n.d.
Dolge, Alfred
see Alfred Dolge & Son
Donaghe, Harriet R.
[Morristown, NJ] estate papers, 1930, 1931.
Doughty (John?)
Letter of introduction of MacCulloch, May 10, 182(8).
Dover, NJ
Printed ephemera, 1940, 1994.
Dover, NJ- First Baptist Church
By-Laws: 1907, 50th Anniversary Program, 1946.
Dover, NJ - Churches
First Memorial Presbyterian Church, annual report, 1993.
Dover, NJ – Churches
First Memorial Presbyterian Church, Programs: 1901-2010.
Dover, NJ
George C. McCracken, Carriagemaker, address book, 1899-1913.
Dufford, J. S.
Receipt for portion of Jacob B. Hiller Estate, October 22, 1873.
Dutchess Famiy
Genealogy notes & records.
Dutchess Family
Miscellaneous manuscripts, apprentice indenture, military discharge papers, 1834, 1863, 1865.
East Jersey Proprietors, Council of
Petitions and Memorials of the Proprietors of East and West Jersey, New York:  Shepard Kollock (1784) and Supplement (1785).
Easton, PA
Partial memory book belonging to Harriet Louise Shotwell while at Lafayette College, 1868-1876.
Edison Company
Letter to organize Electric Lighting Co. in Morristown, 1885
Edison, Thomas
Printed ephemera from personal files, 1886‑1889, n.d.
Edwards Family
Printed ephemera re:  Sarah Edwards Henshaw, 1894.
Egbert, Louise Cooper
Wedding invitation to Rev. Emmons Parkman Burrill, n.d.
Ehsan’s Training Camp [Chatham, NJ]
Letter to Ishan [sic], c. 1933.       
Elizabeth, NJ
Deed, William Pierson to Stephen Headley,  July 8, 1788.
Ellery, Charles R.
Papers, 1887-1895,1924.
Emmel(l), George
Receipted bill to Dewit Ford for (carpentry?) work performed,  1793-1795.
Essex County, NJ
Appointment by George III, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, of justices of the peace,  1761
Essex County, NJ
Bond & chattel mortgage of John Long, 1869, 1887.
Fairchild Family
Miscellaneous wills and genealogical letters,  1873-1890.
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Programs and publications, 1964.
Falk, James   Proclamation from the town of Morristown commending and congratulating James Falk for leadership contributions to the Morristown-Morris Township Library, 1997. [OS Conservation Lab]

Farragut, Admiral David Glasgow


Invitation to the unveiling of the Washington D.C. statue in memory of Admiral Farragut, 1881.

Fayson Lakes
Federal Writers’ Project, Works Progress Adm.
Bulletin 15, STORIES of New Jersey, North American Phalanx, 1937-1938, typescript copy.
Federal Writers’ Project, Works Progress Adm.
School Bulletin No. 5, STORIES of New Jersey, The Gold Beaters, n.d., typescript. copy
Fisher, Miss
Independence Day Dinner given by Mrs. Samuel F. Adams at Monticello, menu, 1888.
Flagler, Thomas B.
Receipt for portion of Phebey Roff state, April 29, 1879.
Florham Park, NJ
Felch, George W., bills for Tax assessment, 1899, 1902-1905.
Florham Park, NJ - History
Publisher's advertisement for Saga of a Crossroads, by Eleanor Weis, n.d.
Florham Park, NJ - Schools
The Little Red Schoolhouse, Florham Park, NJ, printed notecards, c. 1989.
Ford, David
Letter from Ford to Governor Morris concerning the proposed purchase of property,  November 14, 1804.
(for)Ford, Emma
See Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
Ford Family
Genealogy: bible records, transcripts and photocopies of genealogical information, Bridal Souvenir Book from the marriage of Helen Ford to Edward Conkling.
Ford, Fr.
Correspondence: letter from James Taylor Bates, Boston, MA, to Fr. Ford (presumably Morristown) discussing Theodore N. Vail,  July 27, 1941.
Ford, Jacob, Sr.
Tracing of a license to keep a tavern, granted to Jacob Ford, 1740.
Ford, Mahlon
Receipt for a portion of James Hansen Estate, September 2, 1879.
Foster, Anthony           
Letter certifying marriage of Anthony Foster and Margaret Ann Burt, 1879
Foster, Caroline
Printed ephemera, 1912-1938, n.d.
Foster, Charles G.
Morris Township tax bills, 1918-1920.
Fox, Norman
"Patriot Preachers of Morris County" booklet, 1904.
See Hazelton, Elizabeth.
Frazer, James
Diary and memoranda book with reference to Scotland, England, Pennsylvania, and Trenton, NJ, 1880-1884.
Freeman, Benjamin Jr.
to Jacob Ford, Sr., order to pay Daniel Kinney, April 3, 1775.
Freeman, Caroline B.
Miscellaneous bills and receipted accounts, 1863-1889.
Freeman, Charles
Commissions granted by the State of New Jersey Cornet's commission October 26, 1810, for Essex Squadron Second Regimental Calvary; Captain's commission May 25, 1817, for Morris Brigade.
Freeman, Peter
Certificate of judgement remanding Samuel Arnold, Jr. to jail in Morristown for non-payment of debt to Samuel Pierson, May 18, 1830.
Freeman, William B.
Miscellaneous bonds and receipts, 1839-1859.
Frelinghuysen Family
Frost, A. B.
Newark News Magazine article, October 25, 1964. [OS Annex].
Frost, A. B
Publisher’s advertisement for The A. B. Frost Book.
Gaebel, Gus C.
Composer, 45 rpm record of "Christmas Snow" and "Whippany Waters", n.d.
Gansz Family
Birth announcement from Martha and George Gansz, on the birth of their daughter, Elaine Sealey Gansz,  Sept. 26, 1958.
George Family
Genealogy: bible records.
Gilpin Family
Birth certificates, 1801, 1814.
Gilpin Family   Marriage certificate between Joshua Gilpin and Mary Dilworth, 1800. [OS Annex]
Globe Map Company
Kobbé Road Map of Northern & Central NJ, 1893 [front & back cover]
Goble, Luther
Handwritten biography [May 22, 1771 - July 6, 1833], n.d.
Goodwin, Thomas
Naturalization certificate, September, 1868.
Gould, Kath M.
Letter to cousin, n.d.
Green, George and Son
Receipt for a portion of the Kinnion Estate,  August 30, 1877.
Green Pond, NJ           
Copy of J.C. Ward engraving of Green’s pond, 1838.
Green, Rev. Jacob
Original sermon c. mid 18th century, with explanatory note.
Greene Family
Genealogy: correspondence & notes.
Guerin Family
Genealogy: correspondence & notes.
Hahn, Marjorie Anna   Certificate of Baptism, September 18, 1910. [OS Conservation Lab]
Hall Family
Bible records, 19th century.
Halsey Family
Genealogy: notes & abstracted records.
Halsey, Samuel S.
Letter from O.W. Bennett, [1866].
Hammond, T.
Order to pay William Atkinson and Co., London, ,500.00, October 1 1808, transacted December 9, 1814.
Hanover, NJ
Notes on Michael Kearny & the Irish Lott in Hanover by Carl Scherzer.
Hanover, NJ
Party Invitation, 1901.
Hanover, NJ - Churches
First United Presbyterian Church, printed ephemera, 1966.
Hanover, NJ - Churches
Hanover Presbyterian Church, bill for pew rent, 1900; weekly church offering envelope (presumably Hanover Presbyterian Church), 1874.
Hanover Township, NJ – Clubs
Franklin Chapter, No. 3, Royal Arch Masons, by-laws, 1825.
Hanover, NJ - Deeds
Alexander Carmichael to Timothy Tuttle for land in Hanover, December 28, 1774.
Hanover, NJ - Deeds
Between Sarah Oliver, James C. Oliver, Elizabeth Oliver, David Oliver, Catharine Oliver, John H. Oliver, Hannah Oliver, Daniel Tingley, Phebe Tingley, Stephen B. Cooper, Sally Ann Cooper, Abby Oliver, parties of the first part, and Eliezer Lawson, for the Oliver Farm in Hanover, June 2, 1846.
Hanover Township, NJ - Deeds
Garrigus to Tunis:  Lewis and Margaret Garrigus to Peter Tunis, land in Hanover Township, 2.25 acres, April 10, 1857.
Hanover Township, NJ – Deeds
Morris County Sheriff to Clarence E. Beddow: 1921.
Hanover Township, NJ - Deeds
Osborn to Losey:  Thomas Osborn, Jr. to John P. Losey for tract of land in Hanover Township containing a distillery and a cider mill, August 6, 1801.
Hanover Township, NJ - Deeds
Young to Young:  Noah Young to Stephen Young for property in Hanover,  March 27, 1816.
Hanover Township, NJ- Justice of the Peace
Records, ca. 1775-1830, mostly  Ebenezer Tuttle, Aaron Kitchel and Stephen Brant.
Hanover Township, NJ- Ordinance
To vacate a road, 1928,
Hanover Township, NJ - Tax Bills
1849-1914, with gaps.
Hanover and Chatham Townships, NJ
Deed, Grace Ford to Stephen Young, also includes survey, November 20, 1815.
Haring, Joseph, and Sarah Doremus
Copy of Citation to Joseph Haring and Sarah Doremus of Parsippany, N.J., re:  the estate of Sarah Blauch, 1865.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine
February, 1859; article entitled “Washington at Morristown".
Harriman Family
Genealogy notes.
Harris Family
Invitation to funeral of Hannah S. Harris, October 4, 1896.
Harvey, Merrill
"Washington's Headquarters, Morristown", signed drawing, 1979.
Hathaway Family
Genealogy: correspondence & misc. notes.
Hathaway, Silas
"A List of Notes (Payable to) the Executors of Silas Hathaway", February 6, 1804.
Hawk, Mary
Estate papers, Nathaniel Hawk, April 19, 1871.
Hayes, Sarah E.
Expense Book for European Trip, 1864-1865.
Hazelton, Elizabeth
Back-to-Back holograph letters to her brothers Peter Fransisco and William Sisco concerning
land in Kentucky, July 16, 1795.
Headley, Samuel T.
Will (copy) September 29, 1868.
Heard Family
Genealogy notes.
Hedges, Joseph O.
Tax bills, property in Chatham Township, 1879-1883.
Hedges, Stephen M.D.
Medical degree, 1819; qualification statement from the Morris District Medical Society, 1819; certification from the New Jersey Medical Society, 1819.
Hettinger, Helen Pierson
Gold Leaf, removed from the Humphreville Daybook, Helen Pierson Hettinger Collection.
Hibernia, NJ
Hibernia Furnace, "State of the Case Between Lord Stirling and Daniel Cooper, Esq." ca. 1772.
Hick, Hannah Dean
Notice to heirs of Paul Hick, 1829.
Higgins, Nathaniel
Bond, Nathaniel Higgins of Middlesex County to Benjamin Spinning of Essex County, May 24, 1769.
Hinds Family
Genealogy:  bible records.
Hobbie, Lucille
Note addressed to “Ladies”, June 2000.
Hoboken, NJ
Program for "Father Gray's Olde Folkes" concert held at the First Methodist Meeting House, December 1, 1879.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Signed letter to Edw. Q. Keasbey, December 21, [18]80.
Hopkins, Charles
Typescript memoir, 125 pages, plus newspaper clippings, n.d. [Hopkins lived from 16 May 1842 to 14 February 1934. After returning from fighting in the Civil War, he resided in Boonton, NJ until his death.]
Hopkins, N.H.
Letter fron N.H. Hopkins to Mr. Baly, 1898
Hopping, C.C.
Receipt for purchases bought from Chovey and Hopping, October 1, 1870 and receipt from Fairbanks Standard Scales for grains weighed, August 28, 1886.
Horton, Joanna
Copy of Will, Wife of Conrad Searle Pickle, 1793-1814.
Houghwout, C.
Letter to David Merrill, Elizabeth, NJ, October 26.
Hover Family
Hover family bible records: includes Ambler, Gardner, Hover, Oakes, Scribner, Tuttle, Wait & Wheeler family names, 1760 - 1887.
Hubbard Family           
Genealogy:  bible records; embroidered bible marker.
Hudson Family 
Genealogy, misc. items.
Huff, Isaac X.
Lease for house on Water Street from Augustus W. Cutler, May 7,
Huges, Hugh
Letter from Huges at Oxbury to Waller Ervine at Andover Iron Works, 1767.
Humphreys, Rev. F. Landon
Plumbing specification for Morristown house, n.d.
Hunterdon County, NJ
Apprentice Indenture for Anthony B. Taylor of Tewksbury Township to Henry Miller and John Miller, Merchants, "to be instructed in the art and mistorey (sic) of store keeping," February 20, 1834.
Hunterdon County, NJ - Slavery
Receipt from Martin Wyckoff to John Gerritsen, who bought from Wyckoff a "Negro Wench,"  May 3, 1799.
Hyndshaw, Sophie A
Probate copy of will, March 15, 1869.
Souvenir Booklet from the Inaugural Ball for President William McKinley, .March 4, 1897.
Irish American Cultural Institute
Poster, Irish Heritage Series, 1996. [OS]
Iron Mines and Mining in New Jersey
Original drawings: nd.
Ironia, NJ
Records of postmaster, David Stryker, ca. 1878-1941.   
Irvington, NJ
"Official score card...Trotting Races, New Jersey Fair, Olympic Park" 1909.
Jane Potts Studio
Program, 1953.
Jans, Anneke
Relics of Anneke Jans shown November 12, 1877 in the Surrogate's Court at Albany, printed circular (original and photocopy).
Jersey City, NJ
Deposition given by Joseph F. Randolph regarding Jersey City streets, June 19, 1908.
The Jerseyman
Carrier's New Year's addresses for 1833, 1885-1889 (no 1888).
Job, Charles Edward
Certificate of marriage to Maude E. Deats, Morristown, NJ, 1905. [OS Annex]
Jockey Hollow Stamp Club
First Day Postal Covers, 1972‑present.
Johnes, Rev. Timothy
Mss. sermon outlines, October 2, [17]64, September 20, [17]67, December 31, [17]69, August 20, [1771], May 4, 1777.
Johnson, President Andrew
Tickets to impeachment proceedings against, May 2, 1868 and April 13, 1868.
Johnson Family
Genealogy: notes & correspondence.
Johnson, George
Bills in relation to the Estate of James Smith, December 19, 1871 and March 5, 1872.
Johnson, Manuel
Certificate of appointment as notary public in Morris County, May 12, 1873.
Johnson, Martha
Valentine letter from unknown sender to Martha Johnson on valentine’s eve, 1849.
Johnson, R(obert) G.
"An Illustrated Account of the First Settlement of Salem, in West Jersey, by John Fenwick..."  Philadelphia:  Orrin Rogers, 1839.
Joline Family
Genealogy: misc. items.
Jolley, J. B.
Receipt, August 31, 1871.
Jones, A. Montague
Letter to Catherine Schriber declining invitation to her wedding, September 5, 1913.
Kansas, State of
19th c. currency, single three dollar bill issued by the Kansas State Savings Bank.
Kanouse, Rev. Peter
"An historical sermon designed as a memorial to the inhabitants of Wantage, Sussex County, NJ," 1844.
The Kellogg Club
Invitation to attend a costume party entitled "Dumas Celebrates Noel," December 26, 1981.
Kentucky, State of
Coupons issued by the State Legislature to raise funds for the establishment of the Public Library of Kentucky at Louisville, n.d.
Kilmer, Joyce & Aline
Correspondence sent, 1908, 1918.
King, George, Mr. and Mrs.
Death notice of George King, photos, correspondence between George King and William Beston, caretaker of King property on Egbert Hill, Glimpsewood Manor, d.1926-1949, n.d.
King, Jacob M.
Probate copy of will, July 16, 1851.
Kinney, John and Jonathan Hampton
Typed transcription of letter to Richard Peters and Lyndford Lardner regarding the Great Swamp, July 10, 1751.
Kinsey Family
Correspondence & notes, Hannah Kinsey Car, 1823-1831.
Kirby Family
Magazine article re: Murchison/Kirby proxy fight, n.d.
Kitchell Family
Bible records.
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Letter to Sylvia Ann Davies, November 10, 1938.
Kurtz Family
Miscellaneous letters and poems from family in Virginia, 1951, n.d.
Kynor, Abitha
Letter to his wife and children in Boonton, NJ, written in the margins of The Christian Banner, Oct. 13, 1864.
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Advertisement for events, 1927
Lake Hopatcong, NJ   Antique & Classic Boat Society, Lake Hopatcong Chapter, 25th anniversary watercolor painting reproduction, signed by artist Elinor Peter, 1999. [OS Conservation Lab]
Lambert, Charles
Will (copy), August 8, 1863.
Land survey
Unidentified property, n.d.
Langstaff, Rev. John Brett
Miscellaneous printed ephemera, 1931, 1974-1976.
Langstaff, Rev. John Brett
Morristown, NJ, ephemera and correspondence, 1961-1984, n.d.
Lassiter, James Sr.
Pamphlet in Memoiam, 1945.
Latham, Joseph & Jane
Indenture deed between Joseph & Jane Latham and John Jackson for land situated in the province of New Jersey, May, 1722; photographic image mounted by W.H. Klinedinst, Morristown, NJ. [OS Annex]
Lauenstein, William
Miscellaneous receipts, 1912-1919.
Laws, Elijah
Assignment of Mortgage, Laws & Henry Davis: 1897.
Laws, Elijah
Letters from the U.S. Navy to Laws regarding promotions 1887‑1894.
Laws, Ludawich
Ledger book of Ludawich Laws, Tanner, of Philadelphia, PA, and Little Creek, near Dover, NJ, 1807-1809; Correspondence of Laws family, 1797-1875.
Leddle, Dr. John W.
Letter to Dr. Leddle of Mendham, NJ, from Cyrus Gildersleeves, December 20, 1822.
Unidentified ledger recording farm work with horses or oxen and plows, or day laborers, for Morristown/Morris County residents, 1814‑1836.
Misc. manuscripts; transcription of abstract of revolutionary war service of Napthali LeFever, 1934.

Lemmon, George T.


Envelope from Chester, NJ addressed to Standard Laboratories, Los Angeles, CA. n.d.

Leonard, Agnes   Morristown Public School Diploma, 1909. [OS Conservation Lab]
From Morristown Bretheren to Liberty Bretheren regarding chastisement of "El B---" by unidentified church, February 21, 1834.
"A Letter to a Friend"
Printed poem by "The Juvenile Bard," n.d.
Lewis, Barne(t)
Estate of Barnet, receipts to and from Jonathan Pennington, executor of Lewis estate, 1809‑1810.
Lewis, Jos(eph)
Typed transcription of letter to Robert Morris re:  Vail, Doughty, March 2, 1796.
Lidgerwood (William Van Vleck?)
Letter, Edward C. Lyon to Frances S. Lathrop, June 16, 1900, regarding property on Lidgerwood purchased from Louise G. Lathrop.
Life of Jenny Lind
By G.G. Foster, New York: Dewitt & Davenport, 1850. Untrimmed pamphlet with concert programme: Tripler Hall, November 20, 1850.
Lincoln, Abraham
Card in commemoration of 100th Birth Anniversary of Lincoln with a copy of a condolence letter signed by Lincoln, 1909
Lincoln, Abraham
Family portrait (by Mathew Brady?).
Lincoln, Abraham
Program, “Centenary Celebration of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln by the Citizens of Morristown,” February 12, 1919.
Lindsley, Henry
Misc. papers and printed ephemera, 1870‑1906, n.d.
Linsley Family
Pamphlet, Hampton Terrace Hotel, Augusta, GA, c.1907
List of names
unidentified, [Morris residents], 1790.
Littleton Fragment Society
Folders containing a constitution, two programs, receipts and an historical sketch for the benefit of the Baptist Church of Morristown, 1839-1910. [5 folders]
Lockhart, James
Contract for a cemetery lot in Hamilton, Canada, 1886.
Logan, Jonathan
Letter to John Penn, Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn (sons of William Penn) re:  Penn's land in Salem and Glouster Counties, NJ, May 29, 1728, (typed transcription).
Long Valley, Washington Township, NJ
Agreement between Evangelical Reformed Congregation and the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation to jointly build a meeting house, February 4, 1774.
Lovell, Joseph
Copy of will, June 21, 1872.
Lovell, Mary E.
Sheet music of song written for and dedicated to Lovell by George W. Hewitt, 1845.
Judgements against, April 16, 1779.
for) Luce Family
see Luse Family.
Lum, Edward H.
Genealogical notes on following Morris County families:  Howell, Canfield, Baldwin, Jessup, Condict, Coleman, Ayers, Jackson, Randolph, Minton, Davenport, Beach, Smith, Lum, Tuttle, Day, Farband, Ogden, Vail and Johnson.
Luse (Luce) Family
Genealogy: letters & notes.
Lusignani, Luigi
Ticket to the execution of Lusignani in Morristown, NJ, May 1, 1873.
McFarland, C(aroline)
Letter to [Mrs. Hannah Todd], March 15, 1874.
McLean, Hon. John (1785-1861)
Letter Received by Mr. McLean re:  legal matters, 1849-1856.
Macculloch Family
Genealogy: letter & notes.
Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
Invitations to receptions, 1963, 1977.
Macknet, Theodore      
Letter, 1879.
Madison, NJ - Clubs and Organizations
Brayers Club, Wood engraving by Fritz Eichenberg, 1946.
Madison, NJ - Clubs and Organizations
Columbian Chapter, No.12, O.U.A. (Order of United Americans) By-Laws, 1851.
Madison, NJ
Drew University, Miscellaneous ephemera, 1927-1961, n.d.
Madison, NJ
Ephemera, n.d.
Madison, NJ
Graveyard Deed, Madison Presbyterian Church, to William H.
Madison, NJ
Graveyard Deed, Madison Presbyterian Church, to William H. Gibons, January 23, 1862.
Madison, NJ
Schools, Madison Academy, printed circular, September 17, 184(3).
Madison, NJ
Schools, Madison High commencement program, 1938.
Madison, NJ - Real Estate   Auction sale poster for property in the estate of Luke C. DeHart, c. 1890. [OS Conservation Lab]
Manry, A.G.
Letter re:  order from Campion and Company, January 20, 1916.
Maple Avenue Bells
List of names, n.d.
Market Street Mission
Printed brochures, 1991.
Marsh Family
Genealogy: notes.
Martin, George Castor
2 letters to J.E. Stillwell re: Book of the Dead of Monmouth, September 29, October 8, 1915.
Martin Family
Genealogical material: bible records; birth, death & marriages records; photographs; correspondence, newspaper articles, 1777-1965.
Masonic Hall Association of Morristown, NJ
Stock certificate issued to H.H. Davis, October 5, 1875.
Matarese, Pietrantonio
Immigrant Destination Card from Ellis Island to 2 Flagler Street, Morristown, Oct. 26.
Meeker Family
Bible & burial records.
Meeker, Matthias
Miscellaneous receipts and copy of will, 1826-1828.
Mendham, NJ
Account Book for Patrons of Mendham Academy to H. Babbitt, n.d.
Mendham, NJ
Deed, Daniel H. Sutton and Catharine Sutton to William W. Cordingley, for property on West Main Street, September 15, 1924.
Mendham, NJ
Mendham, NJ   Letter from Ezra Day to Reverend Cornell, March 9, 1861. (including envelope)
Mendham, NJ
First Presbyterian Church, Ladies Missionary Society, Program of Meetings, 1907.
Mendham, NJ
Mendam Little Theatre Guild, playbill, March 14, 1941.
Mendham, NJ
Report of Mendham Boro re: Sources of Water Supply, sent to Dept. of Health, Trenton, NJ; 1916.
[w/ attachments]
Mendham Township, NJ
Agreement and deeds, William and Julia Menagh to Sara L. Roddis, June 6, 1888; Sara L. Roddis to Elizabeth E. Nicklaus, April 23, 1926; both for the former Dr. John W. Liddel property near Washington Corners.
Mendham Township, NJ
Building Code, June 12, 1950.
Mendham Township, NJ
Board of Education Teachers Contract between BOE and Ivie E. Webster, June 11, 1907.
Mendham Township, NJ
Deed, Jennet & Chester Buddington to Edward Elliott: June 11, 1906.
Mendham Township, NJ
Zoning Ordinance, adopted September 11, 1950.
Mendham Township, NJ - Parks
Spring walking tour of parks and natural areas, May 4, 1974.
Mennan, J.H.
Receipt of M.M. Parsons, September 12, 1877.
Meslar, Walter V.
Contract and mortgage for property near Convent Station: 1925.
Millbrook, NJ - Churches
Millbrook Methodist Episcopal Church, centennial publication, 1933.
Millburn, NJ
Printed ephemera: League of Women Voters community handbook, 1953.
Miller Family
Correspondence and bill, 1839, 1846, 1848.
Millington, NJ
Millington, NJ
Marriage register, 1865-1911 (see typed transcript - HM2 Millington).
[Mills, Alfred]
Membra Disjecta Oration, speech given 4th July, Succasunna.
Minton, Guy
Telegrams, sent & received, 1892.
Monahan, Lawrence
Copy of will, January 22, 1921.
Monich, Sam
"List of names of persons to witness the execution of Sam Monich," n.d.
Montville, NJ
Printed ephemera, 1961.
Montville, NJ - Music
(Broadside) Odes to be sung... celebration of Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1835.
Montville Township, NJ
Special master's deed between Henry C. Pitney and Joseph W. Fraiken, both of Morristown re:
Kanouse family property in Montville Township, March 6, 1931; report of sale, 1930.
Mooney, Bertha
Writing book of Bertha Mooney, Dunellen, NJ, 1881.
Morris and Essex Mutual Coal Company
Engraved stock certificate, December 7, 1866.
Morris and Essex Railroad Company
Deed, M & E RR and Delaware, Lackawwana & Western RR to Morris County Crushed Stone Co., 1914.
Morris and Essex Railroad Company    
Invitation to Theodore F. Randolph to opening of the Morris & Essex R.R. extension to Hoboken, NJ, November 11, 1862.
Morris and Essex Railroad Company 
Handbill, results of public meeting regarding the Morris & Essex R.R. Co., and construction of a line between Morristown and Elizabeth(town), January 31, 1848.
Morris and Essex Railroad Company 
Stock transfers: 1853.

Morris and Essex Railroad Company

  Stock certificate for 100 shares of stock purchased by Wesley O. Kruger, 1945.
Morris and Somerset Electric Company
Certificate of Incorporation, June 17, 1907.
Morris Aqueduct
Water bills, 1871-1895.
Morris Canal
Dock lease between the heirs of Samuel B. Halsey and Thomas Mitchell, 1871‑1881.
Morris Canal
Illustrated printed bill of lading (blank), 183__ for Jonathan Cory; point of departure, Newark.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
"Annual report upon the Morris Canal" NY:  Wm. Davis Jr., 1826.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
"A Report to the Directors of the Morris Canal and Banking Company...,” NY:  Wm. Davis, Jr., 1827.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Bank Note - five dollars, April 10, 1841.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Bank note - two dollars, April 1, 1840 (from the Cobb Collection).
Morris Canal and Banking Company
"Charter of the Morris Canal and Banking Company...," NY:  J. Narine, 1836.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Correspondence re:  purchase and sale of preferred stock, 1853‑1858.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Opinion of Chancellor Isaac H. Williamson, Relative to Powers of Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures at Paterson, filed in 1829.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
"Report of the President and Directors to the Shareholders,"  NY:  James Van Worden, 1835.

Morris Canal and Banking Company


Stock certificates for shares of stock, July 11, 1845, July 12, 1845, Aug 9, 1845. Blank stock transfer form from Morris Canal and Banking Company of 1844, circa 1844-45.

Morris Canal and Banking Company
Stock Certificate for twenty shares of stock, May 14, 1859.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Stock transfer, thirty-four shares of preferred stock, from Peter Logan to Mrs. Maria Logan, March 29, 1867.
Morris Canal and Banking Company
Stock transfer, thirteen shares preferred stock, from Charlotte H. Sharpless to M. Hutchinson, February 19, 1877.
Morris Canal Parkway Association
Letter from Julian R. Tinkham, President, to Mary A.D. Camp of Boonton, New Jersey, re:  abandoning the Morris Canal, April 26, 1912.
Morris County, NJ - Affidavit
Thomas Stiles, given to John Jacob Faesch, Justice of the Peace, re:  Lord Stirling's sale of Hibernia Furnace at Public Vendue to Daniel Cooper, for the sum of ,600 plus Samuel Ford's mortgage,  March 27, 1784.
Morris County, NJ - Banks
Morris County Bank:  Sheets of bank notes in denominations of one(9), two(4), three(4), five(5), ten(2), and twenty(2) dollars, November 1, 1955, n.d.
Morris County, NJ - Banks
Morris County Bank:  Stock certificates issued to Anderson Ballentine, August 31, 1858, and to Alvah Lewis, August 16, 1858; bank cheque for $10.00 to J.Heath, August 6, 1858.
Morris County, NJ - Bond
James T. Owen and Garret Mead to John D. Freeland, Jr., April 21, 1840.
Morris County, NJ - Charities
Central Morris Shelter for the Homeless, typed project description, n.d.
Morris County, NJ - Charities
The Morris Housing Investment Fund, pamphlet, 1973.
Morris County, NJ - Charities
Pastoral Counseling Service of the Northern Valley, Inc. typed by-laws, n.d.
Morris County, NJ
Morris County--The County of the Future, booklet, c. 1949.
Morris County Choral Society
Printed programs, 1925-1941, n.d.
Morris County ‑ Christian Endeavor
Printed ephemera, 1890-1898, n.d.
Morris County Clerk
Letter, 1935.
Morris County - Clubs & Organizations
American Legion – Morris County Committee – Programs, 1947-1950, 1974.
Morris County - Clubs & Organizations
Morris County Road Drivers Association, printed menu for the Second Annual Banquet.
Morris County - Clubs & Organizations
Morris County Golf Club—dinner menu, 1900.
Morris County Courthouse
"Bounds of the prison yard established by the Board at the Annual Meeting the 9th of May 1798".
Morris County Court of Common Pleas
Page from Justice of the Peace records, December Term, 1805.
Morris County Court of Oyer and Terminer
October Term, 1904, The State vs. Frank Bectsa, order for A. H. Pierson to witness execution of Bectsa on 1904.
Morris County Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery
The State vs. August Bergermann, January Term 1894, order for Levi D. Babbitt to witness the execution of August Bergermann on April 26, 1894.
Morris County Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery
The State vs. August Bergermann, May Term 1895, order for Aldus H. Pierson to witness the execution of August Bergermann on June 20, 1895.
Morris County Court of Oyer and Terminer
"At a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery Holden for the County of Morris on Monday, the Second of July, 1750...Semuel Nevill..." (typed transcript only; original missing from file).
Morris County Court of Quarter Sessions
Petition of Samuel Boden of Roxbury Township to the Morris County Court of Quarter Sessions, Morristown, for a license to travel as a peddler, March 23, 1797.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Book of Mortgages, “B” c. 1770s, transcribed by Carl Scherzer
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Bleything to Hubbard:  Joseph and Phoebe Bleything to George Hubbard, land in Hanover Township, 66.8 acres, March 13, 1832.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
John C & Anne Case to Emma Amerman, land on road from Morristown to Basking Ridge: 1924.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Douglas to Peer:  Nathaniel and Nancy Douglas to Nicholas Peer, land in Hanover Township, .90 acre, March 31, 1855.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Evergreen Cem. to Graves:  The Evergreen Cemetary to Edwin Graves, lot 20, section K, June 10, 1859.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Harriman to Harriman:  Daniel Harriman to David Harriman, land in Pequannock Township, 1809.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Harriman to Hubbard:  David and Hannah Herriman to George Hubbard, land in Pequannock Township, two lots: .87 acre and 5 acres, Sept, 2, 1816.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Herriman to Hubbard:  Joseph and Abigail Herriman to George Hubbard, land in Pequannock Township, 13.36 acres, Sept. 18, 1816.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Hubbard/Zeak to Lafever: Article of Agreement between George Hubbard and Anthony Zeak, and John Lafever, for a “hundred part of a tract of land...supposed to contain ten acres whereon is an iron mine," Sept. 21, 1811.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Hughes/Blaything to Blaything:  Johnathan and Ellen Hughes and Joseph and Mary Blaything, to John Blaything, land in Hanover Township, 66.9 acres, August 16, 1819.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Assignment and transfer of mortgage, John B. Johnes (executor of the estate of Timothy Johnes) and George P. McCulloch:  mortgage from John and Christiana Boudinot to David Phoenix. The "Irish Lot" formerly belonging to Michael Kearney, deceased, in Hanover (Troy Road/Halsey Town road), 194.26 acres, December 1, 1807.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Kitcham to Herriman:  Samuel Kitcham (executor for the estate of William Kitcham) to David Herriman, land in Pequannock Township, 5 acres, April 28, 1815.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Lyon to Teabo:  John and Jemima Lyon to Rosanna Teabo, land in Pequannock Township, 70.41 acres, June 1, 1804.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Powers to Hubbard:  David Powers to George Hubbard, land in Randolph Township, 15.2 acres,  February 11, 1817.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Randolph, Mary F to Loraine Williamson Mellon, land on Madison Ave, Woodford Land Company: 1901
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Wilson to Evergreen Cem.:  Harvey J. Wilson to the Evergreen Cemetery, two lots in Morris Township, .3 acre and .04 acre, March 10, 1881.
Morris County, NJ – Deeds
Winget to Munson:  Joshua Winget to John Munson, land in Pequannock on the road from Winget's Tavern to Hibernia Furnace, April 10, 1779.
Morris County Democratic Party
Printed Ephemera, 1876, 1891-1904, n.d
Morris County, NJ – Elections
Ballot Results, 1873-1955.
Morris County, NJ – Elections
Broadsides, 1892-1896, nd.
Morris County, NJ – Elections
Campaign Ephemera, 1873-1964, nd.
Morris County, NJ – Elections
Candidate Images, n.d.
Morris County Fire Fighters & Police Training Academy 
Program, commencement exercises, 1981.
Morris County, NJ- History
WPA Recreation Dramatic Group, Program, nd.
Morris County, NJ- History
World War I broadside, "Military Registration Notice,". 1917.
Morris County, NJ - History
World War I, Documents pertaining to the Women's Land Army of America for Morris County, 1917-1919.
Morris County, NJ - History   World War I, Ephemera, n.d.
Morris County, NJ – History
World War I, see also People’s Council of America for Democracy & Peace.
Morris County, NJ – History
World War II, Ephemera, 1941-1944.
Morris County, NJ - Indenture
Deed for unexpired term of servitude of Mathurin(sp?), 9 year old black boy, from the estate of Vincent Boisaubin to Lavielle Debasean, both of Chatham Township, Feb. 11, 1835.
Morris County, Iron Mines and Mining
Article, "Artist Life in the Highlands, The Iron Region of New Jersey." Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 20, no. 119, April, 1860.
Morris County, Iron Mines and Mining
Contemporary copy of a lease between the Dickerson Succasuna Mining Company and Samuel Lewis of Allentown, Pennsylvania, July 19, 1862.  Property at Mine Hill, Randolph Township (aka Dickerson Mines).  Mentions the Morris Canal in the Agreement.
Morris County, Jail
Letter to Sheriff-elect Thompson from Louise Shelton asking him to retain Edward & Mary Carroll as jail keeper and matron, despite them not being Protestant, 1914.
Morris County, Land Titles
Re:  Great Swamp "Ogden and Stelles, Their Computation of the Value of Some of the Proprietary Jersey Lands... Mr. [William] Penn's Landing, Morris County..., 1746"  (Typed transcription by Hawkin, February, 1941).
Morris County, Land Titles
Miscellaneous letters to, and published decrees of, sale of special Master of Chancery, Henry C. Pitney for property in:  Boonton Township, Chatham Borough, Chester Borough, Denville Township, Dover Township, Hanover Township, Jefferson Township, Madison Borough, Mendham Township, Netcong Borough, Pequannock Township, Randolph Township, Roxbury Township and Washington Township, 1905-1928.
Morris County, NJ - Lawyers   Images of 55 members of bench and bar of Morris County, 1902. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morris County Library
Program, “Morris County Free Library Dedication,” November 16, 1969.
Morris County Loan Office
Miscellaneous Records, 1776-1803.
Morris County Loan Office
Loan Office Instruments, Books 1 & 2, 1776-1787, (typed & handwritten transcription, n.d.).
Morris County Machine and Iron Company
Stock certificate for six shares of Capital Stock, issued to Frederick H. Beach, December 8, 1880.
Morris County, NJ
Notes (typed transcripts) on land ownership, wills, inventories (Wick, Kemble, Guerin, Lendell, Blachley, Blackly, Halsey, Wood, Thompson, Fairchild, Mills, Kountze, Tuttle); road petitions; revolutionary war cemetery, re:  Jockey Hollow.
Morris County, NJ - Organizations   New Jersey Conservation Foundation poster: "Farmland is Important to New Jersey", c. 1975. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morris County, NJ - Organizations   New Jersey Conservation Foundation poster: "New Jersey's Vanishing Wilderness: The Pine Barrens", c. 1975. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morris County, NJ - Organizations   Sons of the American Revolution, Morris County Chapter, Charter, 1914. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morris County, NJ – Overseer of the Poor
Indenture of servitude, Mary McFarland to Ichabod & Hannah Cooper for 10 years…, 1796. [from Pilch Collection]
Morris County, NJ - Park Commissions   Summer Music Festival Brochure, 1985.
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
Board of Taxation, appeal petitions: 1913.
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
Copy of law to alter the line of the Union Turnpike through the Village of Dover, Jan. 22, 1828.
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
List of Whigs and Democrats in Morris County, 1852 & 1853, from papers of Jacob Vanatta.
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
The Issue, Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey, Morris County edition, Nov 1 & Nov 15, 1907, May 22, 1908. [OS Annex]
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
Pamphlet: Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris, 1936.
Morris County, NJ – Politics and Government
Printed Ephemera, 1903‑1915, n.d.
Morris County Poor House
"By Laws and Regulations of the Morris County Poor House, Adopted June 8, 1838" [Morristown, N.J.]:  J.P. Hull.
Morris County Poor House
Indenture, binding Sarah Sharp, eight years old, to Edward Howell of Hanover Township, "to learn the art or mystery of a House Keeper until she arrives at the age of eighteen years"...[on June 16, 1866], October 6, 1856.
Morris County, NJ -  Railroads
Wharton and Northern Railroad Company, Time Book,  November, 1910.
Morris County Republican Party
Printed Ephemera, 1892-1949, n.d.
Morris County, NJ - Schools
Morris County Sabbath School Association [aka Sunday School Association], printed ephemera,  1878-1891, 1927.
Morris County, NJ- Schools
Teacher's certificate for Morris County, Florence D. Pember, 1888, 1889.
Morris County, NJ - Slavery
Deed of Manumission of Sam Kelley, age about 38 years, by Mathias Kitchel of Pequannock Township,  January 1, 1828. [OS Annex]
Morris County, NJ - Slavery
Deed of Manumission for Sylvia, age about 35 years, from J.B.P. (presumably J.B. Pierson) of Chatham Township, 1811 (unsigned copy from the original).
Morris County, NJ – Slavery
Sale of a certain negro girl named Dine, from Teunis Quick estate papers, 1755.
Morris County, NJ – Slavery
Slave indenture for a male child called Henry, to Charles Ford of Morris Twp., 1815. [OS Annex]
Morris County, NJ - Survey
"Survey of Henry Tuttle's Plantation that Samuel Cobb now lives on Beginning at a back corner of William Jackson's land," June 10, 1748.
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Quarterly returns: business done in the Surrogate’s office as far as relates to the recording of wills, letter of administration, and proving inventories, May 1848 - November 1862, with gaps.
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Wills & inventories filed, 1804-1805, 1809-1813. [OS Annex]
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Wills & inventories filed, 1804-1819. [OS Annex]
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Wills & inventories filed, 1805, 1819-1820.
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Wills & inventories filed, 1808-1813, 1821-1826.
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Wills & inventories filed, October, 27, 1808.
Morris County Surrogate’s Office
Recording of wills, 1885 – 1888. [OS Annex]
Morris County, NJ - Tourism   Promotional poster for the Morris County Tourism Bureau (2 copies), c. 1980s-1990s. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morris County Traction Co.
Gold $1000 bond issued to L. Naomi Trimmer, signed by Robert D. Foote, President, June 15, 1905.
Morris County, NJ – Turnpikes
Subject file kept by Carl Scherzer, civil engineer re: Beverwyck Road case.
Morris County, NJ – Turnpikes
Subject file kept by Carl Scherzer, civil engineer re: Washington Tpke. Case.
Morris Library Company
Stock certificate issued to Gabriel H. Ford, April 10, 1812.
Morris Plains Fire Co.
Letter to Wm. H. Thompson from Wil.Kelsch, 1908.
Morris Plains, NJ
Children’s Heart Unit of the Victoria Foundation, report, 1948.
Morris Plains, NJ
Morris Plains Fire Association, Appeal for Funds, March 1, 1980.
Morris Plains, NJ – Churches
Presbyterian Church, Ladies Aid Society, cookbook, circa 1914.
Morris Plains, NJ - Correspondence
Letter from a mother in Morris Plains to her daughter, vacationing in Asbury Park, NJ, n.d.
Morris Rangers
(from Ford files) Photos and photostats of Documents, 1825, 1827.
Morris Repertory Theatre
Playbill, “Galileo”, 1965-1966.
Morris Repertory Theatre
1965-66 Season Bulletin; 1966 cash sheet for production of Under Milk Wood.
Morris Theater
Playbill, premiere season, 1964.
Morris, Robert
Typed transcription of letter to William Patterson, March 12 & 15, 1787.
Morris Township, NJ – Business
Article reprint, “General Drafting Celebrates 50 Years of Mapmaking., from March 1959.
Morris Township, NJ - Deed
Indenture Deed between Richard B. joseph and John Tunis, both of Morris Township, for land situated in Morris Township, November 16, 1839.
Morris Township, NJ - Deed
Dr. Albanus C. and Maria D. Logan to Samuel D. Wilkinson, Samuel Roberts, and John Tunis for land in Morris Township, December 20, 1843.
Morris Township, NJ – Fire Dept.
Hillside Hose Company No. 1, 75th anniversary resolution, October 25, 1989.
Morris Township, NJ - History
Women's History Month, Proclamation from Barbara Ann Harris, Mayor, officially proclaiming the month of March 1990 as "Women's History Month," n.d.
Morris Township, NJ - History 
World War II, Program, Dedication of Honor roll on May 23, 1943.
Morris Township, NJ
Morris Township Civic Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Bank Book, 1946-1961.
Morris Township, NJ – Politics & Government
Printed Ephemera, 1874-1895.
Morristown, NJ
Address to the boys of St. Alban’s Guild, April 17, 1899. [unk. author, typescript]
Morristown, NJ
Alms House Library Catalog (duplicate), 1886.
Morristown, NJ
American Institute for Italian Studies, advertisements for publication of Philip Mazzei: My Life and Wanderings, 1980.
Morristown, NJ
Certificate of sales – Franklin St.
Morristown, NJ   Courtesy Card, Mayor Message, September 25, 1874.
Morristown, NJ
Waybill, 1832.
Morristown, NJ - Authors
[Thomas] Sterling North, advertisement for Disney movie of “So Dear to My Heart,”written by North in 1947; flyer from 1964 Dutton Animal-Book award; includes research notes.
Morristown, NJ - Authors
Lillian E. Roy, advertisement for publication of Little Indian Tales, 1908; includes research notes.
Morristown, NJ – Banks [missing]
American Trust Company, mortgages & title abstract for Spring Street property, 1922-1926.
Morristown, NJ - Banks
First National Bank commemorative book, 1921.
Morristown, NJ - Banks
National Iron Bank, checks, c. 1924.
Morristown, NJ - Banks
National Iron Bank., Deposit Book in Account with Irene Negri, 1923-1925.
Morristown, NJ - Banks
Misc. Printed Ephemera and cancelled checks, 1869-1944, n.d.
Morristown, NJ - Chamber of Commerce
Printed ephemera, 1935, 1942.
Morristown, NJ – Christmas on the Green
Card, 1994.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Bethel AME Church, programs, 1973, 1998.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Calvary Baptist Church, programs, 1961, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Assumption, playbill for program sponsored by the church, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Assumption, bulletins & programs, 1905-1978.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Redeemer, ephemera, 1881-1890, 1933, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Redeemer, programs, pew rental chart & receipts, 1886-1982, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Redeemer, suggested design for altar cross, n.d. (photocopy).
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Church of the Redeemer, transcript of baptisms & confirmations performed by W.M. Hughes, nd.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
First Congregational Sunday School library catalog, 1896
Morristwon, NJ - Churches   First Presbyterian Church deed Earl Samuel Kirk to Jacob Johnson, 1865.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Morristown Baptist Church, programs & ephemera, 1896-1957.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Morristown Methodist Episcopal Church, Letter from Board of Trustees Secretary, George W. Boueer (Boweer?) to John A. Clift informing Clift that the Board regretfully accepts his resignation as sexton, May 11, 1905.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
[Morristown] Methodist Episcopal Church, ephemera, 1891-1933, nd.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
[Morristown] Methodist Church, printed ephemera advertising Oyster Supper, February 23, [?].
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Morristown United Methodist Church, ephemera, 1996, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, member directories, 1961, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
St. Margaret's Church, The Parish Monthly Calendar, 1933, 1940; The Window, 1976.
Morristown, NJ – Churches
St. Margaret’s Church, Programs, 1964.1968.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
B.P.O.E. Elks, No. 815, Morristown Lodge, programs, 1914, circa 1920.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
D.A.R. Morristown Chapter – Program, 1929.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Daughters of the American Revolution, Morristown Chapter, printed ephemera, 1914-1966, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Fortnightly Choral Club, programs, May 2-3, 1916. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
The Garden Center, Advertisements, programs, letters, 1938, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Improved Order of Redmen. Constitution and by-laws of Mohus Cowongie Tribe, #216...The Jerseyman, 1897; Certificate of Membership for Oscar H. Babbitt, Iona Tribe, No. 181, September 25, [1897?].
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Knights of Columbus, George Washington Council, No. 359, dues notice, 1912.

Morristown, NJ – Clubs


Les Femmes Social Club, 25th Anniversary Program [photocopy], 1973.

Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Lincoln Club, Souvenir Programs, 1910, 1911, 1914.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Loantaka Council No 938, Royal Arcanum, list of members, circa 1890.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Masonic Lodge – Brochure, 1959.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morris County Agricultural Society [Morristown, NJ], harness racing schedule, 1882.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morris County Sportsman's Club [Morristown, NJ], supper invitation, Dec. 10, 1874.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Amateur Instrumental Club, misc. records, 1858-1862.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Book Club, notice of membership dues, 1875.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Civic Association, Lighting Committee Report, 1906.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Club, The (private men's club), receipt and statements, 1895, 1896.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Flower Mission, printed ephemera, 1878, 1879.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Freemasons:  Cincinnati Lodge No. 3, trestle board, March 1940; Odo de St. Amand Commandery, No. 12, Knights Templar, petition for orders, circa. 1890.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
The Morristown Gun Club, booklet containing their constitution, 1894.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Homer Circle (literary group for the reading of Homer's Iliad), pamphlet of notes to aid in understanding, 1882.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Musical Club, programs, 1884, 1886.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Musical Club, Record of Program Statistics, 1884
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Post No. 59 American Legion, Armistice Day program, Nov. 9, 1930.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs  

Morristown Post 59 American Legion, Junior Drum & Bugle Corps, Yearbook, 1938-1939.

Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Post No. 59 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps, 1941.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Post No. 59 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps, program, 1971.                                 
Morristown, NJ - Clubs   Certificate establishing the Morristown Rotary Club, 1922. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Tapkaow Club, program, 1948.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Travel Club, tour brochure, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Morristown Women's Club, Printed Ephemera, 1929-2000.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Roxiticus Lodge #98 J.O.O.F., South Street, Morristown, invitation, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Spring Brook Country Club, statement, 1961, and 50th anniversary commemorative pamphlet, 1972.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
St. Patrick’s Alliance of America, program, 1910.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Supreme Forest of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Forest No. 2, membership card,  1908.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Washington Association of New Jersey, printed ephemera, 1983.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
The Wednesday Club (women's club for the study of c18 English literature), yearbook, 1936-1937.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Whippany River Club, invitation horse show prize list, July 1, 1905.
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Woman’s Assn. of Morristown Memorial Hospital, poster: Mansion in May 5 – June 1. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ – Clubs
Women’s Community Club, program, 1925.

Morristown, NJ – Clubs


Morristown Young Men’s Christian Association, Morristown Y Bulletin, 1930, 1931, 1934.

Morristown, NJ – Courts
Subpoena to Sarah Lenning to appear before Supreme Court Circuit, re: Halsey v. Marshall, 1874.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Abraham Kinney to William Johnes, for property in Morristown, re:  Morris Academy,  November 1, 1800.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Deeds and papers relative to the transfer of the Ogden Place, property of T. Brooke Price, to the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, 1975.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Abstracts of Deeds to and from Benjamin Humphreville and wife for lots in Morristown, 1811‑1857.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Deed, mortgage and survey for property at 142 Washington Street in Washing Heights Park, from George J. and Fannie Englehardt to James D. Grabow, 1976.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Deeds and mortgages for property at 247 Speedwell Avenue. Follows transfer of ownership from James R. and Virginia Voorhees to Kate Schleicher (aka Kathering Sliker) and Minnie Schleicher (1914), and from Kate Schleicher (aka Kathering Sliker) and Minnie Schleicher to Daniel W. And Louise M. Grabow (1952).
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Morristown Building & Loan Assn to NJ Winery & Grocery Company: 1942.
Morristown, NJ - Deeds
Mortgages & abstract for Spring Street properties, Building Sites of A.E. Voorhees, 1922-1927.
Morristown, NJ - Entertainment
Printed ephemera, 1884‑1961, n.d.
Morristown, NJ - Ephemera
Printed brochures, circulars, pamphlets, calendar 19th & 20th centuries
Morristown, NJ - Fire Departments
Centennial celebration of the Morristown Fire Department article in Morris County Chronicle October 20, 1897. [2 copies, OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Fire Departments
Firemen's parade front page article in Morris County Chronicle, October 28, 1913. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Fire Departments   Message of thanks from Newark Fire Department for reception at the annual parade of the Morristown Fire Department. With images of company members, 1872. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ – Fire Departments
Humane Engine Co.- Program, 1912; Parade Badge, 1910
Morristown, NJ - Fire Departments   Document of appreciation Madison to Morristown Oct 30, 1875 to Niagara Engine Co, Independent Hose, Resolute Hook 7 Ladder [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ – Fire Departments
Resolute Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, 75th Anniversary, Invitation and program, 1946
Morristown, NJ – Fire Departments
Resolute Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, meeting announcement, Sept. 1, 1873.
Morristown, NJ – Fire Departments
Program, A Firemen’s Day Celebration, September 28, 1904.
Morristown, NJ - First Day Postal Cover
Morristown National Historical Park [Washingtons Headquarters] (issued by US Post Office?), July 4, 1933.
Morristown, NJ - Historic Buildings   Picturesque views in Morristown, NJ from the Daily Graphic, 1878. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ - History   Revolutionary War - General orders issued to the US Continental Army from Morristown, 1777. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ – History
Civil War – Invitation 15 N. Vet. J.V., Battle of Spottsylvania, 1892.
Morristown, NJ – History
Civil War - Morristown Memorial Day Association, "A Roll of Honor" May 30, 1899.
Morristown, NJ – History
Civil War - Program of services at the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, to bid farewell to Company "K", 7th (Regiment), New Jersey Volunteers, October 1, 1861.
Morristown, NJ – History
[Theodore] Roosevelt Memorial Day, program, 1919.
Morristown, NJ – History
Spanish-American War – program, Unveiling of a Hiker Monument, September 11, 1948.
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – Battery Farewell Program, 1917
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – ephemera, 1916-1918, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – History
[missing] World War I - Liberty Loan Community Meeting, Program and song sheet, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – Patriotic Parade, ephemera, 1917
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I - Press release, Morristown Infantry Battalion, August 16,1918. [OS]
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – Program, Morristown Infantry Battalion, Co. A, 1918
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – Morriston Infantry Battalion, Appreciation of Major Gillespie, c. 1917
Morristown, NJ – History
World War I – Victory Songs, YMCA pamphlet, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II – advertising blotter, “Keep Up the Morale!” n.d. [Morristown]
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II – British War Relief – Printed Ephemera, 1942
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II – broadside, Civilian Defense Councils, re: salvage, 1943.
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II – Fund for Finland, 1940.
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II – letter from Alice D. Whittemore thanking for War Relief Funds, 1940
Morristown, NJ – History
World War II - War Ration Books and Coupons, 1942-1943

Morristown, NJ – History


World War II - War rationing records from Miss Mildred Lewis: Office of Price Administration – food rationing, Maple Ave School rationing records 1942, Morristown Y Bulletin 1943 – donate to war effort, Office of Price Administration – mileage rationing, Morristown Defense Council – with handwritten notes about sugar rationing on back, US Food Administrator message to women about conserving food

Morristown, NJ – Hospitals
All Souls Hospital – booklet, “Your Baby’s Record” 1952.
Morristown, NJ - Hospitals   Morristown Memorial Hospital, Women’s Association Family Festival Brochure, 1965.
Morristown, NJ – Hospitals
Morristown Memorial Hospital, Brochure for the Chaplaincy Service, d.1975
Morristown, NJ - Imprints
Bill and Receipt of Nicholas Arrowsmith from Jacob Mann, Morristown printer, for printing services rendered to Arrowsmith, 1815-1821
Morristown, NJ - Imprints
Assemblage - Forms by H.P. Russell, Jacob Mann, L.C. Vogt and Jerseyman Office, ca. 1812-1844
Morristown, NJ - Imprints
Jersey Heresy Case, (Pamphlet), c. 1887
Morristown, NJ - Immigrants
See Matarese, Pietrantonio.
Morristown, NJ – Lakes
Pocahontas Dam Places (diagram), 1919.
Morristown, NJ – Land Records
Title Papers [from Carl Scherzer], Morris Street, 1838-1908.
Morristown, NJ - Letter
Morristown Town Clerk, Nelson S. Burton, to Thomas H. Wiss re:  Dedication of the George Washington statue, October 10, 1928
Morristown, NJ
Morristown Infantry - Suggested regimental flag designed by Oscar B. Smith, January 4, 1918.
Morristown, NJ – Morristown Gas Light Co.
Misc. records related to Colles Park Gas Supply, Morristown, 1887-1894, n.d. See also Business & Ephemera Coll.
Morristown, NJ – Morristown Gas Light Co.
Receipts, 1863.
Morristown, NJ - Morristown Green
Booklet soliciting funds from the community for park improvements, June 1900.
Morristown, NJ – Morristown Green
Broadside, Power to the People Constitutional Forum, 1970.
Morristown, NJ - Morristown Green
Invitation to celebrations of the restoration of the Green, 1982.
Morristown, NJ - Morristown Green   Panorama painting reproduction titled "The Christmas that Never Was", 23 copies, 2000. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ - Morristown Green   Promotional poster (2 posters), 2008. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ - Music
"Odes to be Sung at Morristown on the 4th of July, 1816." n.d.
Morristown, NJ - Music
"Odes to be Sung on the Fourth of July, 1823, at Morristown."
Morristown, NJ - Music
Poster, Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival, 2011-2013. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Composed by Richard H. Barker, "The Golf Club, March, Two Step, Dedicated to the Morris County Golf Club of Morristown, N.J.," NJ:  M. Witmark & Sons, c 1896. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
By Ruth Scott Clark and Virginia Pace, "Tend Them Well:  A Memorial Hymn to the Soldiers of the American Revolution, Morristown, 1715 - 1965," c 1964.
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Music by Henry Leland Clarke, "Winter 1776," words by Thomas Paine, c. 1950.  (Autographed and annotated by Clark:  "For the Morristown Public Library on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of Thomas Paine, Morristown, New Jersey, July 4, 1950"). [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Words by Edward L. Fables, music by Henry J. Miller, "I Love the State of New Jersey," Morristown, NJ:  New Jersey Music Publishing Co., c 1921. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
By Merritt Gregory & George Hayward, "Battery F' March," Morristown, NJ:  The United Music Co., 1918. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
By Roman J. Miller, "The Garden State," Morristown, NJ: c 1962, autographed.
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Music by Claude Warford, "Three Songs:  1. The Frog and the Bee, 2. Waiting, 3. The Voice," c. 1915, autographed.  (Warford had a studio in Morristown) [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
By Edward M. Young, "New Songs...Love at First Sight," Sherman Park, Morristown, NJ:  c 1916.
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Words and music by Paul G. Zimmerman, "Lift Your Feet," Morristown, NJ:  Lift Your Feet Publishing Co., 1905. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Words and music by Paul G. Zimmerman, "Oh You Tango Kid," Morristown, NJ:  n.d. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Music - Sheet Music
Words and music by Paul G. Zimmerman, "True Love Will Always Find Its Way," Morristown, NJ:  c 1907. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Musical Programs
Printed Ephemera, 1862-1959, n.d. (3 folders).
Morristown, NJ – Organizations
Morristown Assn. for Public Improvement, copy of address delivered by Willard C. Cutler, 1894.
Morristown, NJ – Organizations
Morristown Assn. for Public Improvement, pamphlet, 1895.
Morristown, NJ – Organizations
Morristown Auxiliay Police Association, Program of First Annual Minstrel Show, 1943
Morristown, NJ – Organizations
Poster, Irish Heritage Series, sponsored by the Irish American Cultural Institute, 1996. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ - Organizations   Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Morristown local number 43 charter, 1918. [OS Conservation Lab]
Morristown, NJ – Organizations
Unidentified record book recording (dues?) paid, book organized by street (indicates who lived on the particular street) July 1892.
Morristown, NJ – Parking Authority
Letter pertaining to time capsule placed in Dalton Parking Garage (Cattano Avenue), May 26, 1999.
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Correspondence between the firm of Frederick Law Olmstead and J.A.H. Hopkins, of Featherleigh Farm, re:  proposed parks, 1911-1912.
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Invitation to the Dedication of the Morristown National Historical Park July 4, 1933
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Morristown National Historical Park 50th Anniversary program, 1983
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Morristown National Historical Park Brochures & Programs, 1928-1945, 1983.
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Morristown National Historical Park Brochures: 1929, 1933, 1939, 1942, 1947, 1954, 1956, 1966
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Morristown National Historical Park, order for boards, signed by Joseph Lewis, Q.M., February 29, 1780.
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Washington’s Headquarters Printed ephemera, 1928, 1983.
Morristown, NJ – Parks
Morristown National Historical Park Bill for dedication, Dedication Certificate, Plan for Washington Camp, Letter head
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Committee of Fifty Report on taxation, 1912
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Excise Law, pamphlet, 1908
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Political Parties, Printed ephemera, 1888-2011, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Printed Ephemera, 1880-1929, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Election ballot, 1898, 1933.
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Morristown Branch New jersey Association Opposed to Woman suffrage, Postcard, 1915
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Poster, Morristown Civil Defense & Disaster Control Council, c. 1955 [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
“Prescription for Good Citizenship” police pictorial in Sunday News, September 26, 1943. [OS Annex]
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Vote for City manager Plan, Leaflet, Annotated, 1934
Morristown, NJ – Politics & Government
Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform – Pamphlet, n.d.
Morristown, NJ - Postal Service
Printed Ephemera, 1888 and 1891.
Morristown, NJ - Printing
The Colonial Press, brochure for Christmas cards, 1936.
Morristown, NJ - Public Health
Poster, “Stamp Out Syphilis, Mass Meeting on Social Hygiene”; under the Auspices of the Morris County League of Women Voters, 1938 [OS Annex].
Morristown, NJ - Public Health   Line graph poster showing cases of scarlet fever in Morristown from 1904-1935. [OS Conseravtion Lab]
Morristown, NJ - Real Estate
"For sale, forty three parcels of the land situated at Morristown, NJ, containing lots each on South, Franklin, Elm, James, Warren, and Garden Street, comprising that tract of land late in the possession of James James, Esq. and opposite his present dwelling" [1837].
Morristown, NJ – Real Estate
For sale by order of W.C. Emmett, Jr., the most desirable property in the vicinity of Morristown; the Emmett property, October 26 [1869].        
Morristown, NJ [missing]
Pruden and Thompson - Partially printed receipt for soft brick, August 20, 1841.
Morristown, NJ – Restaurants
Morristown, NJ – Restaurants
Program, Morristown Inn, 1913.
Morristown, NJ – Schools
Bayley School [Catholic], programs, 1904-1932.
Morristown NJ - Schools
  College of St. Elizabeth, Booklet for the 1957 Graduation Dance, .May 10, 1957
Morristown NJ - Schools
College of St. Elizabeth, centennial gala invitation, May 2000.
Morristown NJ - Schools
The Morris Academy, Laws of Morris Academy, with graffiti presumably by Academy students, circa 1829.
Morristown NJ - Schools
Morristown High School - Programs from concerts and plays staged at Morristown High School, 1929-1932, n.d.
Morristown NJ - Schools
Villa Walsh Academy, invitation to graduation, 1983.
Morristown, NJ - Seeing Eye
Invitation to a fundraiser, dye cut of Seeing Eye dog, n.d.
Morristown, NJ- Seeing Eye
US Postal Service poster honoring guide dogs, 50th anniversary [1979]. [OS]
Morristown, NJ – Sports
Announcement Letter of Benefit baseball Game, 1911
Morristown, NJ - Sports
Printed Ephemera, 1879 and 1913.
Morristown, NJ – Sports
Pastime Base Ball Club of Morristown, souvenir booklet, 1905.
Morristown, NJ – Taxes
Samples of old tax bills: 1869 – 1935.
Morristown, NJ – Taxes
Community Theatre, pamphlet, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Taxes
Morristown Little Theatre – Program, 1952-1961.
Morristown, NJ – Taxes
Palace Theatre, papers related to the ownership of, by the Esposito Family, Speedwell Avenue, 1938-1946. Printed brochure, n.d.
Morristown, NJ – Taxes
Printed Programs, 1875-1951.
Morristown, NJ – Town of
Board of Excise Commissioners, temperance booklet discussing licensing and taxing of hotels, saloons, and grocers, to sell liquor, April 11, 1900.
Morristown, NJ – Town of
Plumbing code, November 16, 1949.
Morristown, NJ – Veterans
Torbert Post No. 24, GAR - Program, Union Memorial Service, 1932.
Morristown, NJ – Veterans
Torbert Post No. 24, GAR - Record of George J. Morris, Civil War veteran, n.d. [OS Annex]
Morse, Samuel F.B.
Printed Ephemera, 1872, n.d.
Mountain Lakes, NJ
Book, Freemason, Colonial lodge # 254.
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary
Catalog, 1863-1864.
Mount Hope, NJ
Mount Hope Cemetery - Deed for burial plot from the Mount Hope Cemetery Association to Charles W. Angel, April 1, 1849.
Mount Olive, NJ
Mount Olive Cemetery - Deed, blank copy, n.d.
Muchmore, Mr. & Mrs. Joel W.
Family reunion, pamphlet, February 15, 1897.
Mulford, Dr. G. E.
Receipt/request for Medical Examiner, December 26, 1887 to January 2, 1888.
Name Index
Unidentified account book, n.d. (possibly July 7, 1855).
Nast, Thomas
Mss and printed material removed from Th. Nast:  His Period and His Pictures, by Albert Bigalow Paine, (1904).
Nast, Thomas
Proclamation, Thomas Nast Day in Morris County: 1981.
Nast, Thomas - Letter
to James D. Smilie, February 17, 1873.
Neighbour, David
Claim, December 24, 1872.
Neighbour, James H.
Account Book as Guardian to the Children of Ruth Castmore; with later pencil annotations in hand, 1870-1876.
New Haven - Music
"The New Haven Whigsong Book: October 8, 1840. Printed by William Storer, 1840.
New Jersey - Celebrities   One hundred New Jersey notabilities, including Thomas Nast, 1891. [OS Conservation Lab]
New Jersey - Council and General Assembly
Council Bill, #14:  An act for the relief of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown (To enable the trustees to sell 61 Hanover Twp....known as Hors Hill tract, 1841.
New Jersey - Council and General Assembly
State of New Jersey (Council #25), A supplement to the Act entitled "A Act to Incorporate the Morristown Fire Association," passed February 27, 1837.
New Jersey – Deeds
Miscellaneous deeds, c. 1714-1776, transcribed by Carl Scherzer, with notes.
New Jersey - Historic Preservation
Publisher's advertisement for Building by the Book, by Robert P. Guter and Janet W. Foster, [1992].
New Jersey - History   Posters celebrating new Jersey's 350th anniversary, 2014. [OS Annex]
New Jersey - Hospitals
Correspondence from Carl S. Race, State Instutution for Feeble Minded, Vineland, NJ, Sept. 10, 1922.  Removed by The Kallikak Family; a study in the heredity of feeble-mindedness, by Henry Goddard.
New Jersey – Land Records
Surveyor General’s Return-tract in Brick Twp., 1953.
New Jersey - Money
Bank Notes - 19th Century, Single notes issued by the Mayor and Common Council of Jersey City (104), November 15, 1862; Freehold Banking Co. ($2), June (1), 1858; State Bank of Newark ($5), January 1, 186(2); Blank note (504), n.d.
New Jersey - Money
Continental Currency, tenth series, Seven dollars, dated September 26, 1778.
New Jersey - Music - Sheet Music
Music by Oscar Rasbach, poem by Joyce Kilmer, "Trees Song," c. 1922.
New Jersey – Politics & Government
Commemorative invitation and program to the inauguration of Thomas Howard Kean, Governor, January 19, 1982.
New Jersey – Politics & Government  

Campaign postcard from Gov. Tom Kean supporting Dean Gallo for Congress, circa 1986.

New Jersey – Politics & Government
Political Ephemera - Mock cereal box, "Florio's, The Breakfast of Special Interests," distributed by "Karcher '89," the Alan J. Karcher (Democrat) campaign for New Jersey Governor,  1989.
New Jersey – Politics and Government
New Jersey State Constitution, amendments and draft of new constituiton, submitted to the people at the general election on November 4, 1947.
New Jersey – Railroads
Camden and Atlantic R.R. Co., freight receipt, 1860.
New Jersey – Railroads
Central Railroad of New Jersey, Pennsylvania Railroad time tables: 1942
New Jersey – Railroads
New Jersey Rail Road & Transportation Co., survey and receipt for property in Elizabeth, NJ, 1835-1846.
New Jersey – Railroads
New Jersey Railroad & Transportation Co., ticket from Newark to Somerville on the "Morning Line," 1848.
New Jersey – Railroads
Pennsylvania Railroad Co., receipt & payroll sheet for work done at Waverly Station [Essex Co., NJ], 1880.
New Jersey – Railroads
Printed ephemera:  Delaware Lackawanna & Western R.R., November 15, 1888; Richmond Frederick & Potomac, November 18, 1889.
New Jersey – Railroads
Printed ephemera: Delaware Lackawanna & Western R.R., 1939.
New Jersey – Railroads
Rockaway Valley Morristown Extension Railroad Co. Bond, 1892.
New Jersey – Railroads
Statement of purchase of land for Station in Mount Holly, New Jersey, by Daniel Sutter: 1881.
New Jersey – Railroads
United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co., letter: January 27, 1873.
New Jersey – Railroads
United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co., stock certificate, 1900.
New Jersey – Railroads
Whippany River Railroad Company, Ticket stub for passage between Whippany and Morristown, NJ, March 9, 1898.
New Jersey - Roads
Memorandum between David Sanderson, N.B. Luse and Charles Colbaith, stage Coach Proprietors regarding service from Morristown, October 16, 1841.
New Jersey - Senate and General Assembly
Senate (Bill) No. 102, State of New Jersey, Supplement to the Act entitled "An Act for facilitating the communication from Morristown, in the County of Morris, through Dover, Mount Pleasant, and from Thence to Sparta, in the County of Sussex."  re:  Union Turnpike Co., n.d.
New Jersey – Schools
New Jersey Institute Chorus Book, 1923.
New Jersey – Schools
The New Jersey State Normal School - Invitation to Commencement, 1918.
New Jersey – Schools
The New Jersey State Normal School - Petition from students from the class of 1857 requesting diplomas on parchment,  November 4, 1858.
New Jersey – Schools
Rewards of Merit, awarded to students, Unionville, NJ, & unidentified, n.d.
New Jersey- State Dental Society
Journal, Nov 1950
New Jersey - State Warrant   Morristown vs. John Thoavh, n.d.
New Jersey - Temperance
The New Jersey Temperance Alliance - "Read! Reflect! Decide!..." Circular issued by the NJTA Re: sale of liquor in Chatham, NJ, c. 1871.
New Jersey- Transportation
The Highway Magazine, Highways and Byways of the United States—New Jersey, April, 1938.
New Jersey – Turnpike Authority
Calendar, 2001.
New Jersey – Schools
State Federation of Women’s Clubs, printed ephemera, 1912, n.d.
New Jersey – Schools
Suffrage pamphlets and ephemera, 1905-1915, n.d.
New Metropolitan Opera House [NYC]
Programme, March [1884]. [OS]
New Providence Twp., Essex County
Carriage certificate issued to John Crane, August 22, 1816.
New York City, NY
Printed images of NYC landmarks; advertisement produced by Singer Sewing Company, post 1908.
New York City, NY – Churches
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, program, 1894.
Newark, NJ
German American publications, programs, records.
Newark, NJ - Churches
Synod of New Jersey - Children=s Work Committee Newsletter, June 1956.
Newark, NJ - Deed
Ellison Conger and Ellihil Day to Stephen Young for property in Newark, December 13, 1839.
Newark, NJ - Deed
Laurance Gaughran to Henry Boughton of Hanover Township for property in Newark, Essex County,. May 10, 1872.
Newark, NJ - Deed
Salmon van Deren and Almira van Deren of Andover Township, Essex Co. to Henry Boughton of Hanover Township for property on Union Street, January 20, 1874.
Newark, NJ - Theatre
Printed Ephemera, 1880.
Newark Zither Society
Librarian’s badge & program, 1899.
Newfoundland, NJ - Churches
United Methodist Church at Newfoundland (Jefferson Township, Morris County), 1970, 1973.
Nixon, Richard M.
Inaugural ephemera - 1969.
Noe Family
Genealogy: Letters, Notes & Records.
O’Brien, Thomas
Certificate to practice law, June, 1894.
O’Neal, Daniel
Vendue Book for Daniel O’Neal, deceased, July 29, 1871.
Ogden Family
Genealogy: notes & letters.
Ogden Family
See: Bartow family.
Ogden Family   Tombstone rubbing of George and Elizabeth Ogden from monument at the Chester Cathedral in Cheshire, England. [OS Conservation Lab]
Ogden, J.
Drawing Book, "at Wetmore School,"  1813 (possibly by Charles Jeremiah Wetmore, son of Mrs. Rachel Wetmore, at Mrs. Rachel Ogden Wetmore's School).
Osborn Family
Genealogy, correspondence, 1923.
Osmun, Albert
National Geographic Magazine with membership invitation to Albert Osmun, 1941
Owen, Frederick Wooster
Copy of will,  May 19, 1931; certificate of executorship, July 6, 1934.
Owen, Frederick Wooster
Travel journal, gift book, newspaper clippings, 1911-1932.
Owens, Mearsey and Isaac
Correspondence from Isaac Owens, dated October 10, 1830, New York, to his mother, Mearsey Owens.
Parker Family
Bible records.
Parsippany, NJ - Churches
Parsippany Presbyterian Church, commemorative pamphlet, n.d. (presumably circa 1973).
Parsippany, NJ - Post Office
Copy of the account current with the General Post Office from April 1, 1819 to July 30, 1819.
Parson Family
Parson, Mary Caroline, will, 1884.
Patriotic Order Sons of America
State Camp of NJ, Pamphlet, 1894.
Peale, Charles Wilson
Reproduction of Diary, n.d.
Peck Family
Photocards and correspondence [from Ford File].
Pembleton Family
Bible record.
Pennsylvania - Money - Bank Note
19th Century, single five dollar bill issued by the Philadelphia Bank, 18(5)7.

Pennsylvania – Natural Monuments


Promotional Brochure for Crystal Cave natural attraction in Kutztown, PA, c. 1940s-1950s.

Peoples Council of America for Democracy & Peace
Broadside, Citizens’ Mass Meeting under the auspices of the Morris Co. branch, at the Baker Theatre: 1917
People’s Council of America for Democracy & Peace
Correspondence and records: 1917, nd.
Pequannock Township, NJ - Deed
Quit claim, Nathan Youngs to Amos Youngs for a tract of land in Pequannock Township, known as "the Hook,"  June 26, 1779.
Perrine Family
Genealogy: letter.
Philadelphia, PA
Sesqui-centennial International Exposition, guide map and brochure, 1926.
Picatinny Arsenal
Brochure, Ammunition Museum, nd.
Piccard Family
Correspondence, 1933-1967.
Pickel Family
Genealogy: notes & records.
Pierson, Abbie Amelia
Diploma from the mOrris Female Institute (later Miss Dana's School for Young Ladies), June 19, 1872. [OS Annex]
Pierson, Mrs. Aldus
Notes of speech on early Morristown schools, n.d.
Pierson, Benjamin
Receipt from William E. Dunn for tuition paid Dunn by Pierson for Pierson's children, April 15, 1795.
Pierson, Lewis
Printed invitations and announcements received by the Lewis Pierson family, 1879-1887, n.d.
Pierson, Philander B.
Morris County Savings Bank commemorative books, 1939.
Pioneer Battle Fund of the Prohibition Party
Subscription certificate issued to H. W. Crane of Boonton, February 3, 1885.
Pitney, Mahlon
Program and seating list for banquet honoring Pitney, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, April 27, 1912; cheque drawn on the Newark Bank, signed by Henry Pitney, June 4, 1859.
Plainfield, NJ - Houses
Advertisement for Netherwood Heights, suburban housing, circa 1900-1930.
Pollard Family
Augusta Pollard and Her Kin: appears to be an early draft of chapters I-IV of ms of the same name [H 929 Pollard], plus a duplicate set of photographs.
Port Oram (Morris County, NJ)  - Music
Two copies of a program for Port Oram Band Thanksgiving Concert, Noevember 26, 1885.
Porter, Fitz-John
Civil War - Photographs and ephemera, including photographic prints by Matthew Brady, 1862, n.d.; letter from Porter's daughter, Mrs. Walton Hall Doggett, August 6, 1951.
See Cards and Postcards           
Potts, Clyde
Morristown National Historical park- Holiday cards
Price, Joseph
(Morris County Resident) - Pension and death certificates, 1893-1900.
Prud(d)en Family
Application to sell lands, "Notice to owners of vested or prospective estates,"  Re:  Prudden property in Morris Township, 1901.
Queens County, NY
Summons commanding witnesses to appear at next Court of Common Pleas in Jamaica in reference to Thomas Lee vs. Henry Leamans, May 18, 17__.
Quick Family
Bond of Abraham Quick and Hendrick Bergen of Somerset County to Walter and John DuBois of New York City, April 1, 1785.
Quimby, Harold and Grace
Wills and codicils, 1977 - 1979.
Quinn, Henry
Canalling (1833) pamphlet.
Randolph, Thomas
Letter to Col. F. A. Demott,  June 13, 1877.
Randolph Township, NJ
Condition of sale for property in Randolph Twp. to settle suit, Dalrymple vs. Lamson, 1907-1908.
Randolph Township, NJ - Schools
Ironia School District, school souvenirs, 1898-1899, 1902-03.
Reid, Lt. Gen. Samuel Chester
War of 1812, from the papers of Henry Waller, 1814-1906, n.d.
Reinsch, Paul S.
PhD thesis, published: English Common Law in the Early American Colonies, 1899
Republican National Committee
Printed ephemera, 1888.
Revolutionary War
Scandalous behavior of British and Hessian Troops, Bucks County, PA,  December 14, 1776 (includes Hopewell and Maidenhead, NJ).ADer Fortgang der Brittischen und Hessischen Truppen durch New-Jersen.@
Revolutionary War
(Undecipherable communication) signed by James Anderson by order of Captain Sheed, June 15, 1777.
Rewards of Merit
Rewards of Merit presented to Bertha Miller by her teacher, L.E. Vincent, c.1900 (from scrapbook of Morristown history and events of interest).
Rhedicon, Thomas
Marriage certificate to Arabella Kyle Cully, in New York City,  March 6, 1869.
Richardson family         
Bible records.
Riley, Helen
(Morristown resident) Poem published in World Treasury of Great Poems, 1989.
Rockaway, NJ
Printed ephemera, c 1990
Rockaway, NJ - Mines
Mount Hope Mining Company - Store script, one sheet in denominations of:  54, 104, 204, 254, 504, and $1, $2, $3, $5, May 20, 1863.
Rockaway, NJ - Mines and Mining
Vendue notice, Jackson's Rolling Mill, offered for sale by Joseph Jackson at Rockaway, NJ, on August 11, 1852,  July 13, 1852.
Rockaway Township, NJ
Printed ephemera, 1994.
Rockaway, NY
The Consolidated Rockaway Manufacturing Company - Stock Certificates issued to Susan E. Beach and Edmund D. Halsey, 1889.
Roos, (Garrit?) Ya(ne)w
Unidentified partially decipherable petition from New York,  August 25, 1691.
Roxbury Township, NJ - Schools
Roxbury Academy, "Minutes of Trustees of the Roxbury Academy, Book A," 1808-1830.
Roxbury Twp, NJ – Taxes
Receipt book of Calib Russell, Morris County Tax Collector, for taxes paid primarily in Roxbury Township, 1787.
Salmon, Joshua R.   Certificate of Membership in the Washington Association of New Jersery, March 20, 1874. [OS Annex]
Savage Family
Genealogical information: bible records, 1843-1946.  Removed from the Book of Common Prayer belonging to Lillie L. Campbell Savage.
Scherzer, Carl Papers    
Accounting, NJ Mutual Life Insurance Co., 1877.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Compiled notes, misc.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Correspondence, 1819-1897.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Court Administrative papers, 1812-1894.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Deeds, 1851, 1871, 1947, 1953.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Legal documents, 1837-1903, nd.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Receipts and cancelled checks, 1855-1918.
Scherzer, Carl Papers 
Speech drafts, unknown origin, c1858, nd.
Schiffner, Mary
Certificate, Morris County School, June, 1923. [OS Annex]
School Calendar
The School Calendar for the years 1938 & 1940, illustrated, printed by the American Book Company.
Schooley's Mountain, NJ - Churches
Schooley's Mountain Presbyterian Church, pledge card, April 1875.
Scofield, Emily A. (Estate of)
Indenture of release between Mary F. Kitchell, Franklin M. Ford, Isabella J. Ford and Edwin P. Ford (Executor), April 5, 1919.
Scudder Family
Wedding invitation, Louise Scudder and Captain Henry Pratt Perrine, Trenton, NJ, January 10, 1888.
Searing Family
Genealogical papers.
Drafts of sermons by unidentified person, March 1821-August 1836.
Sexton Family
Genealogical information copied from family Bible, 1786-1926.
Sheet Music
"Love's Star," by Frederick Rocke and David Morton, c. 1920.
Sherman, Andrew M.
Correspondence and advertising related to Historic Morristown, New Jersey, [1905]-1922.
Shipman Family
Genealogical letters and notes.

Sievers, Charles


World War I – Pay record book, identification card, honorable discharge record, correspondence regarding his service between his wife and the 166th Infantry historian, map of walking paths in areas bordering the Rhein River, 1918-19, 1959-61, n.d.
(See also  H VF G – “SI-SK” – Sievers)

Lockwood DeForest, Phebe Hatfield Ogden, Rev. Benjamin Holmes, Persis Meacham, Sallie V. Raymond, Florence M. Fraser, unidentified, 1924, 1932, n.d.
Smith Family
Genealogy notes and records.
Smith, Joseph H.
Account book, Henry H. Tiger, Administrator of Joseph H. Smith, dec’d, December 29, 1873.
Somerset County, NJ
Advertisement for publication of The Somerset Hills, vols. 1 & 2, by John K. Turpin and W. Barry Thompson (2005).
Somerset County, NJ - Slavery
Bill of sale of black man called Isaac, from John Rickey of Bernards Township, to Jacob High of Morris Township, May 1, 1824.
Speedwell, Historic
Autograph ms. by L.A. Vogt on the history of the Speedwell Iron Works and the Vail Family, n.d.
Speedwell, Historic
Printed ephemera, 1988, 1991, 1992..
Speedwell Ironworks
Advertisement with sketch of property, [1833 ].
Speedwell Ironworks
Fragment, description of Ironworks, n.d.
Speedwell Village, The
Papers pertaining to the incorporation of The Speedwell Village as a not-for-profit corporation, 1966-1969; papers and correspondence pertaining to renovations to buildings on the site, 1969; blank copies of The Speedwell Village letterhead, n.d.
Stephens Family
Genealogy and correspondence re: Stephens, Mount and Cook families: 1828-1881.
Stryker, David
Co-partnership agreement between David Stryker and David T.R. Stryker creating continued business of general store as D. Stryker and Son, 1904.
Stryker, John V.
Estate records, 1904-1906.
Stryker Family
Miscellaneous family and business papers of David, David T.R., and Joanna (Pickle) Stryker, Ironia, NJ, c. 1873-1941.
Stymets (Stymetz) Family
Genealogy notes and letters.
Summit, NJ
Sunshine Arthur Home for Blind Babies, photo reproduction, n.d.
Sussex County, NJ - Deed
Saferine DeWitt to Abraham A. Quakenbush, June 7, 1817.
Swartzburg, Susan
Photo, articles and obituary, 1996.
Swayze, Joshua and Mary
Bible records: The names and ages of the sons and daughters of Joshua and Mary Swayze,@ 1783-1800; misc. notes. Title page from bible showing New Jersey imprint: Trenton: Printed and Sold by Isaac Collins,  MDCCXCI (1791).
Swasey, Samuel
[Mendham, NJ] True copy of will, May 10, 1759.
Taintor, Alice D.
Certificates for Alice D. Taintor from the Morris Female Institute, 1864-1867.  (Note:  the Morris Female Institute became Miss Dana's School.)
Teford, Jacob
Lease to John and Sarah Budd for land owned by Teford in Long Valley, NJ, May 12, 1747.  (Item is framed and located in picture bins in vault).
"The American inventors of the telegraph," Century Magazine, April 1888, 2 copies.
Copies of letter sent to Morristown schools honoring Alfred Vail, and placard, 1937-1938.
Description of the American electromagnetic telegraph, by Alfred Vail, Washington:  J. & G.S. Gideon, 1845.
History getting right on the invention of the American electromagnetic telegraph, Francis O.J. Smith, 1872.
"The invention of the electromagnetic telegraph, part VII," by Stephen Vail, Electrical World, October 26, 1895, November 2, 1895, and November 9, 1895.
Photograph of Alfred Vail; photograph of the first telegraphic instrument; photograph of the first telegraphic instrument endorsed by Samuel F. B. Morse; pieces of the original telegraph wire upon which the first message was sent by Professor Morse and Alfred Vail on January 6, 1838.  Given to Julia Neese Colles by Mrs. John H. Lidgerwood on July 3, 1893.  Includes unidentified letter dated July 15, 1859, instructing Professor Morse to present telegraph apparatus to the New Jersey Historical Society.
Piece of first experimental line of electric telegraph, 1838.
Stephen Vail’s scrapbook of newspaper & magazine articles: invention of the telegraph, including article from The Century Magazine, April 1888, The American Inventors of the Telegraph,@ [17 leaves].
"The Telegraph Jubilee," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, v. 6, #146, September 18, 1858.
Tennessee - Bank Note - 19th Century
Ten dollar bill issued by the Southern Bank of Tennessee, August 1, 1854.
Tewksbury Foot Bassets
Printed Ephemera, 1968, 1969
Thomas, M.D.
Memory Book, probably early 19th century.
Thompson, Charles
Business papers, 1798-(1868), n.d.
Thompson Family
Miscellaneous manuscripts, including letters, receipts, wills and bonds, 1749-1913.
Thompson, Lewis
Bond of Henry Keep of New York to Lewis Thompson of Chatham, NJ, August 12, 1837.
Tod(d), Robert
Letter from same at Damascus, Lebanon to the Rev. I(saac) Bird at Beirut, Lebanon, March 6, 1833.
Todd, W. Parsons
see Macculloch Hall Historical Museum.
Tompkins & Welsh
Account book, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Roofing Company: 1891-1902. [w/attachments]
Tracy Family
Wills (copies), Mary A. Tracy, Julia E. Tracy, and John Tracy, February 8, 1834.
Trade Cards
Religious, pictorial, and handmade, 19th century.
Trowbridge-Osmun Family
Genealogy and Letters
True Democratic Banner
Carrier's addresses for 1861, 1864, 1865, 1873, 1875, and 1882 [inc. Christmas tribute].
True Democratic Banner
Christmas Bells and New Year’s Call, December 1886.
Tuthill, Chatfield
Ledger recording transactions for farmwork and farm products, n.d.
Tuttle Family    
Bible record, misc. items & Army of Potomac ribbon [from Ford File].
Tuttle, Rev. Joseph
"Early History of Presbyterianism in Morris County, NJ" (Handwritten ms., n.d.)
Tuttle, Samuel
Appointment letter of Samuel Tuttle by William Pennington, 1814
Union, The
Monthly paper published by St. Peter's Union, Jersey City, NJ, v. 1 #1-4, 1882.
Union County, NJ
Memorandum of an agreement between Lewis Noe and Frank Lathrop, re: rental of property, April 19, 1866.
United States - Currency
Military Payment Certificates: two MPC, Series 641, in the amount of 54 each, issued between 1965-1968, in lieu of US dollars.
United States - History
American Flaghouse and Betsy Ross Assn. Membership certificates and register, 1899. [OS Annex]
Vail, Davis
Menu at 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Davis Vail and Phebe Quimby, November 27, 1874.
Vail Family
Genealogy: bible records, wedding keepsake.
Vail, LuLu DeH(art?)
Composition book composed at the New Jersey State Normal School in Trenton, 1878.
Vail Mansion
Instructions for the operation of the motor operated theater dimmer, c. 1912.
Vail, Theodore
Citation accompanying LL.D degree, 1911.
Van Cleef Family
Genealogy: bible records & wedding keepsake.
VanCleve, Joseph - Deed
Deed transferring 120 acres in the Ramapough Tract from Joseph and Elizabeth VanCleve, of Franklin Township, Bergen County, to Abraham A. Haring, of Harington Township, Bergen County, NJ. May 2, 1798.
Van Dervort Family
Letter sent by J.P. Crayon re: Van Dervort family.
Vaness, Roelof
Will, 1775. [OS Annex]
Van Pelt, Emma
Easter message: poem by Emma Van Pelt, Morristown artist and author, printed on tissue-weight paper with hand-colored illustration, n.d.
Van Wagner, James T. (Estate of)
Receipt of Fred(erick) Baker for railroad expenses for "20 attending at Jersey City to report testimony in case of Guy Minton vs. Van Wagner,"  December 18, 1886.
Virginia - Currency - 19th Century
Virginia Treasury note, 0ne dollar, July 21, 1862.
Virginia – Speeches
Published in honor of the Jackson Statue, by Gov. Kemper & Rev. Moses Hoge, 1875.
Vogt, Grace
Correspondence from Clyde Potts, Mayor of Morristown, Elbert Cox, Superintendent of the Morristown National Historic Park, and Katherine Tappert Willis, [Mrs. Grinnell Willis] former Librarian at the Morristown Library, 1933-1942.
Voorhees Brittin and Co.
Business records (balance sheet accounts, letter to Joseph T. Hoff in Mt. Pleasant for iron) for general store in Morristown, 1831-1867.  [See also:  Morristown - Business Ephemera.]
Voorhees Family
Printed ephemera, 1863-1914, n.d.
Voorhees, Foster M.
Invitation to his gubernatorial inauguration, 1899.
Vrooms, Peter Dumont (1791-1873)
Letters from P. Uredenburg (May 25, 1843 and 1851), Joseph C. Hornblower (March 29, 1844), and W.G. Clawson (April 22, 1847).
Wainwright, Daniel
[Justice of the Peace, Morris County] Order issued by Wainwright on behalf of David Wall against John McEntire accusing McEntire of Assault and Battery, September 26, 1850.
Wall, (Senator) Garret D.
Letter to Wall from A. Wurts, July 17, 1840.
Walling, William   Certificate of Holy Matrimony, September 16, 1874. [OS Annex]
Wappingers Graded School
Program, closing exercises: 1895.
War Saving Stamps
World War I Program, 1918
Warren & Hunterdon Ctys - Mines & Mining
Warren and Hunterdon Counties Mining and Manufacturing Co. Stock certificates issued to James E. & Frederick J. VanWagner, 1878.
Washington, George
Handbill souvenir celebrating centennial of Washington's inauguration, 1889.
Washington, George
Photograph of original letter to Mr. Sacket from General Washington while headquartered at Morristown, NJ, February 7, 1777.
Washington, George   Image of "The Temple of a Century's Growth" in remebrance of the 100th anniversary of Washington's inauguration. From Supplement to Puck, 1889. [OS Conservation Lab]
Washington, George
Program, “George Washington Historical Pageant Commemorating the 200th Birth-Year of Our First Great American,” Morristown, NJ, July 4 & 5, 1932.
Washington Township, NJ
Decree for sale of land in Washington Township to satisfy suit, Frank Dufford vs. Francis E. Dufford, 1907.
Washington Whig
Correspondence pertaining to the sale of number dated September 1, 1817 by E.B. Sterling, 1912-1913.
Watres, Mrs. Harold A.
Anonymous poem penned for Mrs. Harold A. Watres, 1930.
Watson, William N.   Notary Public Certificate for Morristown, NJ, 1929. [OS Conservation Lab]
Watts, Mary
Letter from unidentified party in Basking Ridge, NJ, to Lady Mary Watts of New York, October 7, 1779.
Weedon Family
Letter re: Jonathan Weeden genealogy.
West Morris Train Committee
Advertisement re: speech by Green Beret Sgt. Alan Davidson about the Vietnam War, 1968.
Westfield, NJ
Brochure:  Open Homes Tour of Historic Houses, 1964.
Whelpley, Sam
Discourse delivered at Morristown, Lord's Day, August 3, 1800.
Whippany, NJ - First Day Postal Cover
Commemorating the Rev. Jacob Green, June 16, 1962.
Whippany, NJ
Program, "Order of Exercises for the Union S.S. Celebration in the Grove at Whippany," July 5, 1841.
Whippany, NJ
Records documenting Bleything Family house and farm in Whippany (inc. lawsuit between Bleything heirs), 1857 - 1934.
White Family
Correspondence, 1840-1843.
Wick, Henry
Certified copy of his will, July 11, 1871.
Wick, Mary
Certified copy of her will, July 11, 1871.
Wickham, John
Letter to his brother, September 6, 1711.
Wilcox, James
Receipt, 1839.
Willard Family
Willis Family
Legal documents, 1872-1935 re:  Willis family of Morristown, NJ, for property in Morristown.
Willis Family
List of plate packed in a walnut box, 1846 and Receipts as guardian of Charles & Elizabeth Briant, 1878.
Willis, Grinnell
Poem, “A Golfers Reply to a Fisherman,” nd [published in Golf Illustrated & Outdoor America, 1914 Sep, v.1, iss. 6, p.42] [OS Annex]
Willis, Nathanial Parker
Letter and photo re:  Willis' residence while in Florence, Italy, n.d.
Wills, Thomas and Samuel
See Bryan, John for indenture information.
Winslow, Margaret Lanier
[of Morristown, NJ]  Record of estate (including inventory), 1929.
Wiss, Adele Augusta   Morristown Public School Diploma, 1898. [OS Conservation Lab]
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Memorial membership certificate of Mrs. Huldah I. Peck, September 11, 1941. [OS Annex]  (See also Denville, NJ W.C.T.V.).
Woman's Suffrage
 "Woman Suffrage leaflet" published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association, vol. 1 (VII), 1888-1894, incomplete; "Political; Equality Series." vol. 3, nos. 3,5,7,8,12, 1898-1899.
Wood, Julia Armstrong
  [of Morristown, NJ]  Record of estate (including will and inventory), 1919-1927.
Wood, W.A.
Letter, 1846
Woodhull, William
[of Chester Township, NJ]  Copy of will, 1821.
Woodruff, Ja(me)s H.
Copy of letter to Stephen L. Young, June 1, 1850.
Woolman Family          
Genealogy: bible record.
Wortman Family
Misc. manuscripts, 1859-1874, n.d. (inc. Civil War, certificates, etc.).
Wright, Helen M. Collection
Connett family genealogical notes, letters, photos, 1847-1948.
Wyndham, (Jane) Lee
  [Morristown, NJ, writer] Papers, 1964-1972, n.d.
Young, Bijah
Family record from Bible of Bijah Young.
Young Family
Family records.
Young, William
Receipt from Jacob Elston, February 16, 1814.
Youngs, Ephraim
  Letter to unidentified party, December 12, 1790.