Computer Classes

Check out our Spring 2020 (April-June) class schedule online, or download the brochure.

Classes run twice a year September-November and April through June.

Classes are all free.

Please call the Reference Department at 973-538-2592  if you have any questions.

Beginner’s Classes

The beginners classes are for adults and seniors with little or no experience using computers. The classes will focus on learning how to use the mouse, keyboard, computer, and internet. Registration is required, and separate for each class.




Tech Time One-on-One

The library is pleased to introduce a new service to our patrons: one-on-one technology sessions. Do you need help with your tablet, Kindle, or cellphone? Perhaps you need assistance with the Internet, email, or word processing. We are now offering 30-minute sessions designed to meet your specific needs and with one-on-one tutoring. Please call the Reference Desk at 973-538-2592 to schedule an appointment.


Other Resources

Our classes run twice a year in the Spring and Fall, between those sessions, or to supplement them, you can also access Computer Skills Center at the library or with your library card at home. Computer Skills Center has video courses to learn popular software and computer basics.