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Meeting & Study Rooms

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Meeting Room


Our meeting room is currently closed to reservations.

If you have nine or more people in your group, our large Meeting Room may be right for you.

The large meeting room can accommodate up to 60 people and is available at no charge to nonprofit organizations in Morristown or Morris Township. Contact the Assistant Director at 973-538-6161 to make reservations and questions. Our meeting room regulations and a copy of the application are available to print.


Study Rooms

If you have at least two and no more than eight people in your group, one of our two study rooms may work for you.

Public Instructions for Online Room Reservation

The Morristown & Morris Township Library is pleased to offer our patrons the ability to reserve a study room online. Please note the following policies before using our online reservation system:

  • Online reservations require a valid library card from any library in M.A.I.N (Morris Automated Information Network) or a New Jersey driver’s license.
  • Reservations may be made by adults age 18 or older.
  • Online reservations may only be made for groups of 2 or more. (Single individuals may use vacant rooms on a first come/first served basis, but may not reserve the room in advance.)
  • Study Room 1 (Large) is limited to 8 people. Study Room 2 (Small) is limited to 4 people.
  • Rooms may be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance. Since library staff must approve the online reservations, you must reserve at least 12 hours before your requested time. If that is not possible, please call the library at 973-538-2592 to make your reservation.
  • If you have used the system before, click the Quick Entry button after typing in your library card or driver’s license number. The rest of your contact information will be filled in automatically. Please note that you will need to fill in the *Number of Attendees and *Last Name of Card/License Holder: ( Your last name will display on the staff calendar so we know who has reserved the room.) New users will have to fill in the complete form.
  • If you fill in the Email field, you will receive a confirmation of your request with a link to allow you to cancel the room if necessary.
  • Reservations are limited to 2 hours per day per group.


Click to Reserve a Study Room

Or call the library at 973-538-2592 if you are interested in reserving a study room.


You are welcome to view the complete study room policy, or the detailed instructions for filling in the reservation form. If you have questions, please call the Reference Department at 973-538-2592.

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