Beneath the surface : a teen
The anxiety survival guide for teens : CBT skills to overcome fear, worry & panic by Jennifer Shannon, LMFT
Heads up : changing minds on mental health by Melanie Siebert
From anger to action : powerful mindfulness tools to help teens harness anger for positive change by Mitch R. Abblett, PhD
Your brain needs a hug : life, love, mental health, and sandwiches by Rae Earl
Mindfulness for teen depression : a workbook for improving your mood by Mitch R. Abblett, Christopher Willard
Chill : stress-reducing techniques for a more balanced, peaceful you by Deborah Reber
Stuff that
The stress survival guide for teens : CBT skills to worry less, develop grit & live your best life by Jeffrey Bernstein
Dancing at the pity party : a dead mom graphic memoir by Tyler Feder
Grief recovery for teens : letting go of painful emotions with body-based practices by Coral Popowitz, MSW
Project Semicolon : your story isn