For Teachers

Class Visits

Maintaining a close working relationship with the schools and teachers of our community is a very important aspect of children’s services in our library. We host class visits, provide walking tours of Morristown to school groups and work directly with teachers to ensure curriculum coordination. Class visits are usually for early elementary grades and they introduce children to the library and make sure that each student has a library card.

Walking Tours

The walking tours are for middle elementary grades and they are conducted when Morristown is studied in the classroom. The buildings around the library are featured and their historical significance is discussed.

Help with Assignments

We are also very happy to consult with teachers when they are planning assignments that will require the use of library materials. This will enable us to provide students with the material they need to complete homework and research assignments.

Please call us to discuss your curriculum needs. (973) 538-6161

Web Resources

Big Chalk
Supplementary materials for teachers from this learning web site.

Lesson Plans
A collection of subject based lesson plans.