Kids Books

New Non-Fiction

Fact Frenzy Space: Astronaut Life
Guinness World Records 2023
Amazing Night Sky Atlas
The Magnificent Book of Treasures: Ancient Rome
A Day in the Life of a Caveman, a Queen, and Everything...
Cher Ami
Because of You, John Lewis
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young...
Many Ways to Eat
Fact Frenzy Space: Life on Other Worlds
The Greatest Song of All
Yoshi and the Ocean
Who was Ponce de Leon?
Minecraft Dungeons: Beginner
Fabulous Fashion Origami
I Am Ruby Bridges
Chess for Beginners
Many Ways to Dress
Who was Johnny Cash?
Engineering Power! Machines in Space

New Chapter Books

The Clackity
Black Bird Blue Road
Skandar and the Unicorn Thief
The Elephant Girl
Ali Cross: Like Father, Like Son
Ways to Share Joy
Valentina Salazar is Not a Monster Hunter
Karthik Delivers
The Midnight Orchestra
Horsetail Hollow: Amazingly Angus
Oh, Sal
Surely Surely Marisol Rainey
Marya Khan and the Incredible Henna Party
Battle Dragons City of Thieves
The Lords of the Night
Astrid the Astronaut
Flipping Forward Twisting Backward
We Were the Fire Birmingham 1963
A Dragon Used to Live Here
Star Wars Stories of Jedi and Sith
Answers in the Pages
Wednesday Wilson Fixes All Your Problems
Let the Monster Out
The Hurricanes of Weakerville
Camp Out Quest
Maya and the Lord of Shadows
All Four Quarters of the Moon
A Perfect Mistake
The Wizard in the Wood
The Science of Being Angry
Etta Invincible
Always, Clementine
Rea and the Blood of the Nectar
Molly and the Machine
The Kaya Girl
A High Five for Glenn Burke
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
Vanishing Act
The Civil War of Amos Abernathy
The First Rule of Climate Club
City of Magic
A Reluctant Witch
Lies I Tell Myself
Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit
The Last Beekeeper
Treasure Tracks
Nura and the Immortal Palace
The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves: Egypt
Onyeka and The Academy of the Sun
Ruby Finley vs. The Interstellar Invasion
Lark and the Wild Hunt

New Picture Books

Howard the Average Gecko
Patch of Sky
Is This Your Class Pet
Every Dog in the Neighborhood
Magnolia Flower
The Adventures of Robo-Kid
Misty the Cloud
Hattie Harmony Worry Detective
Rissy No Kissies
Pigeon & Cat
The Surprise
Frances in the Country
I Forgive Alex
Something Beautiful
Home is Where the Birds Sing
Noodle and the No Bones Day
I Want to be a Vase
Hey, Bruce
Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend
Me and You in a Book Made for Two
Berry Song
The Line in the Sand
Playtime for Restless Rascals
Lulu & Zoey a Sister Story
Frog vs. Toad
Still This Love Goes On
Pugs Cause Traffic Jams
When the Wind Came
Do Not Hire a Dinosaur Babysitter

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