The Dogs of Chernobyl: 35 Years later A Story of Hope and Resilience with Stephen Quandt

Monday, April 25, 2022
7:00 pm


Local animal activist and cat behaviorist Stephen Quandt travelled recently to the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl in the Ukraine to help with a spay/neuter campaign for the dogs descended from pets who survived the nuclear plant disaster of 1986.

With amazing videos and photographs, Quandt will tell the story of meeting the human and animal residents of the mostly abandoned Chernobyl City as well as completely abandoned Pripyat and the town of Slavutych, which was built to evacuate former residents of the towns. He will show how radiation and the changed environment has affected the dogs (and cats!), and also talk about the impact the disaster continues to have on the dogs who were left behind and the humans who stayed there. There will be a Q&A after the presentation.

This is a virtual event held over Zoom. Please email for the event code.

Stephen Quandt is a Feline Behaviorist, FCCP, with the nonprofit Animal Care Centers of NYC and prior to that with the ASPCA. He has worked around the country on pet adoption, disaster and cruelty cases. Stephen also has a private practice for clients with cat behavior issues. He lives in the New York City area with his partner and two quirky cats.