October is Dyslexia Awareness Month!

Dyslexia is a learning difference that makes reading difficult. People with dyslexia may have trouble with spelling, recognizing words, solving word problems with math, and other reading-related activities. Dyslexia is not uncommon: some experts say that 5 – 10 percent of people have dyslexia.

Below are some helpful resources:


The ATbar is a free cross-browser toolbar to help you customize the way they view and interact with web pages.  It allows you to increase and decrease font sizes, have text read aloud, use colored overlays, readability and a dictionary to aid reading.

OpenDyslexic Font

OpenDyslexic is a free typeface designed against some common symptoms of dyslexia. It is intended to address: contrast/blindness, letter confusion or rotation, and crowding.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a website that provides text to speech conversion for documents, web pages, emails etc. It can be run as a discrete toolbar within programs and is available for Windows and Mac.

Alternate Book Formats

Books in alternate formats can ease the reading experience for dyslexic learners. Audio books gives readers a personal freedom while also helping them develop both fluency and accuracy while reading. Digital media, such as e-books and e-audiobooks, allow readers to customize the text by adjusting font type, font size, and/or narration speed.

Screenshot of MAIN library catalog. The link to "eAudio, eBooks, and eMagazines" at the left sidebar of the page is circled in red.