Attentive Walking

cartoon of 4 people standing and 1 in a wheelchair
Wednesday, May 24, 2023
6:00 pm


Attentive Walking, similar to Mindful Walking is a way to connect our minds with our bodies and the natural world. When we walk we often do so mindlessly; our thoughts are far from the experience we are having of walking. During our sessions, we will practice attentive walking in all its aspects, from connecting to our bodies and how we are moving forward; focusing on alignment and body mechanics to connecting to our environment; the sensory side of walking. What earthly delights are we missing by being tied up in our thoughts? We will also take time to stop periodically and move ourselves side to side, backwards and perform some twists, to counteract all that forward movement.

This program is led by Anita, who has led our Mindful Meditation and Mindful Movement classes.

Meet us on the Miller Road side lawn at the back near the parking lot.