Book of the Day: Across the Desert

Saturday, March 12, 2022
All Day


Addie’s plane crashed in the desert. Only Jolene can save her.
Jolene loves watching The Desert Aviator, a livestream of twelve-year-old “Addie Earhart” flying her ultralight plane and exploring the desert. Jolene dreams of becoming an explorer like Addie and escaping her troubles at home, where she has to hide her mother’s opioid addiction. And Addie finds a new friend through her cats with Jolene, her biggest–and only–fan. Then, one day, it all goes wrong: Addie’s engine abruptly stops, and Jolene watches in helpless horror as the ultralight crashes and the video goes dark. Jolene knows that Addie won’t survive long in the extreme summer heat. With no one to turn to for help and armed with only a hand-drawn map and a stolen cell phone, it’s up to Jolene to find a way to save the Desert Aviator. The latest page-turner from author Dusti Bowling soars with adventure, heart, and friendship, and speaks to the courage, hope, and strength within each other.