Book of the Day: Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

Thursday, May 19, 2022
All Day


Cameron Battle grew up reading The Book of Chidani, cherishing stories about the fabled kingdom that cut itself off from the rest of the world to save the Igbo people form danger. passed down over generations, the Book is Cameron’s only connection to his parents, who disappeared one fateful night two years ago.
Ever since, his grandmother has kept the Book locked away, but it calls to Cameron. When he and his best friends, Zion and Aliyah, decide to open it again, they are magically transported to Chidani. Instead of a land of beauty and wonder, they find a kingdom in extreme danger, as the queen’s sister seeks to destroy the barrier between worlds. the people of Chidani have been waiting for the last Descendant to return and save them…is Cameron read to be the hero they need?
Inspired by West African and Igbo history and mythology, this adventure-filled fantasy introduces readers to Cameron Battle as he begins his journey to greatness.