Book of the Day: Dear Friends

Saturday, June 11, 2022
All Day


Does every friendship have an end? Eleni is the kind of person who’s always had a BFF-an automatic, guaranteed by-her-side person–at home, at school, and at camp. And since before she was even born, her very best friend has been Sylvie Bank.
but when Sylvie’s end-of-summer birthday party becomes the end of their friendship, Eleni can’t picture starting middle school without her BFF by her side. She can’t picture anything without her BFF–especially the looming school overnight. Who will she share a room with?
So before the big overnight, Eleni sets out on a mission: to figure out where her friendships went wrong, what’s wrong with her, and what makes a good friend. But if she’s totally honest, there’s only one real goal: to win back Sylvie Bank!