Book of the Day: Girl Versus Squirrel

Friday, February 12, 2021
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Written by Hayley Barrett, Girl Versus Squirrel, tells the story of Pearl, a girl who built three bird feeders. One looked like a house. One looked like a tube. One looked like a teacup perched on top of a tall pole. It looked like a teacup because it was a teacup. Pearl fills the house bird feeder with suet, the tube bird feeder with seeds, and the teacup with peanuts. Then she sits back with her binoculars to enjoy the show. But birds aren’t the only ones who like to eat peanuts. A squirrel gobbles them all from the teacup, and the birds don’t get any. This will never do–and Girl versus Squirrel is on! One resourceful girl. One determined squirrel. Great minds meet their match in this tale of persistence and bravery, and the satisfying surprise of learning that things aren’t always as they seem.