Book of the Day: How to Disappear Completely

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
All Day


While her beloved grandmother was alive, Emma’s world was filed with enchantment. but now Gram is gone, and all that’s left of her are the fairy tales she and Emma took turns writing in a secret journal. tom make things worse, strange pale spots are appearing on Emma’s skin. soon she is diagnosed with vitiligo–a condition that makes patches of her skin lose their color–and the magic in her world is suddenly replaced with school bullies and doctor appointments. Then, when Emma begins one last story in the journal, something very strange happens: someone writes backs to her, just like Gran used to. Who’s writing to Emma? And just what is her story going to be now that everything is so different? Award-winning author Ali Standish explores the ways life transforms us and how we learn to let go of what we must, while still holding fast to who we are.