Book of the Day: Imaginary

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
All Day


Zach should’ve outgrown his imaginary friend by now. He knows that…
Zach’s eleven, long past the days when kids are supposed to go on epic, make-believe adventures with their invisible friends. But after the death of his father five years ago, all Zach has wanted is an escape from the real world. So his imaginary friend, Shovel, hasn’t faded away like the other kids’ have. Shovel tries his best to lift his spirits, but now that Zach’s in middle school, things are getting a little awkward. His best friend ditched him for a cooler crowd. His classmates tease him in the hallways. He still misses his dad. Reality is the worst. Which is why Zach still makes regular visits to a fantasy world with Shovel. But is Zach’s overactive imagination helping him deal with loss or just pushing people away? Moving and heartfelt, Imaginary is the story of a boy and his imaginary friend–told as only an imaginary friend could.