Book of the Day: Lily’s Promise

Friday, July 2, 2021
All Day


Lily made her dad an important promise before he passed away–that she would Strive for Five. But for a shy eleven year old girl, speaking up even one time, let alone five, is much easier said than done. And now that Lily can’t be homeschooled, she has to attend public school with new, unfamiliar faces, making Strive for Five feel impossible. Fortunately, she meets curling obsessed Hobart and quiet Dunya as well as a few other friends at the beginning of sixth grade. It is their kindness that gives Lily hope her life without Dad might just be bearable. But when Lily and her friends are bullied by Ryan and his group of mean girls and rude boys, she quickly discovers the true definition of friendship and speaking out. For despite the anxiety she feels, Lily knows she must stand up for herself and others. And she’ll use the tools her dad gave her to not only fulfill her final promise but help the whole school come together. With snarky, insightful, and humorous commentary from Libro, the actual book, who guides readers through this poignant tale, National Book Award winning author Kathryn Erskine tackles grief, change, and the struggle to let your voice be heard.