Book of the Day: Long Lost

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
All Day


Once there were two sisters who did everything together. But only one of them disappeared.

Fiona Crane has just said goodbye to her home and friends and everything she knows, all because of her older sister Arden. To be closer to Arden’s figure skating club, their family has moved to Lost Lake–a tiny, unwelcoming town of old houses, old forests, and old secrets. The only bright spot is Lost lake’s library, a rambling mansion that was once home to a wealthy local family. That’s where Fiona finds the book. The book with the soft green leather cover and the gilded title and the drawings of a forest with reaching hands and staring eyes. The book about another pair of sisters who lived long ago, in a town eerily like Lost Lake. The book that doesn’t exist–at least, not if you ask anyone about it.  But Fiona knows the book is real, and it’s leading her toward something. something that was lost long ago. something that has been waiting to be found. Maybe it’s been waiting just for her.