Book of the Day: New From Here

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Ten-year-old Knox Wei-Evans never expected to have to move countries in two days. But when a virus named COVID-19 hits Hong Kong, his mom makes the last-minute decision to move him and his sibling to California, where they think they will be safe. Except his dad–Knox’s best friend–has to stay behind to work. And his older brother, Bowen, would rather share a room with a mosquito than with Knox. At his school in California, Knox struggles with being the new kid. As racism skyrockets during COVID-19, Knox tries to stand up to hat, while finding his place in his new country. Can you belong if you’re new? And how do you keep a family together when you’re oceans apart?
Based on her own lived experience, bestselling author Kelly Yang spins a heartwarming tale of courage, hope, and resilience in the face of unprecedented times.