Book of the Day: Of Salt and Shore

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
All Day


Annet Schaap gives us the story of Lampie, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Lampie must lift a lantern every evening to warn ships away from the rocks. It is a lot of responsibility that her invalid father has given her. One stormy night something goes wrong her father is furious, and the town insists someone must pay. Lampie is sent to work as a servant at the admiral’s Black House, where rumors of a monster lurk. What she finds up in the tower is unexpected, and not altogether tame, but it’s someone who needs her as much as she needs him. When lamp’s new friend is put into mortal danger because of his differences, Lampie musters the courage to fight for her friend’s life. She joins up with misfits, merfolk, and pirates in a daring adventure. Together they’re all fighting for the same thing, on both land and sea–the freedom to be themselves.