Book of the Day: One Small Hop

Monday, September 13, 2021
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Could one small hop for frogkind be one giant leap for mankind? When Ahab and his friends find a bullfrog in their town–a real live bullfrog, possibly the last bullfrog in the U. S.–they have several options:
A. Report it to the Environmental Police Force. Too bad everyone knows the agency is a joke.
B. Leave it be. They’re just a bunch of kids–what if they hurt it by moving it?
C. Find another real live bullfrog on the black market. Convince their parents to let them bike to Canada. Introduce the two frogs. Save all of frogkind.
Ahab convinces the rest of the group that C is their only real option. Because if they don’t save this frog, who will? their quest, which will involve fake ice cream, real frog spawn, and some very close calls, teaches Ahab that hope is always the logical choice, and science is always better with friends. with humor and empathy, acclaimed author Madelyn Rosenberg builds an all too imaginable future ravaged by climate change, where one kid can still lean on his friends and dream up a better tomorrow.