Book of the Day: Over the Top

Thursday, September 23, 2021
All Day


Finding your own spotlight isn’t always easy. In this book by Alison Hughes, eleven-year-old Diva is horrified (but not surprised) that her mother’s new dream home is a bright pink castle like house. But the pink palace is only the beginning of a series of new humiliations. While acting as a glitzy mermaid for her mom’s party planning business, Diva is spotted by some classmates who won’t let her live it down. When she works up the courage to audition for her new school’s play, she’s cast in a surprising (and ridiculous) role. But it’s when her family throw her a hug surprise birthday party that things really lurch toward disaster. How can Diva stay true to her introverted, und the radar self in an in your face over the top world?