Book of the Day: Phoebe Dupree is Coming to Tea

Saturday, February 12, 2022
All Day


Have you met Phoebe–Miss Phoebe Dupree? Phoebe’s as perfect as perfect can be. To Abby, her friend Phoebe can do no wrong. So when the budding hostess invites Phoebe over for a tea party, everything from the sugary treats to Abby’s dog, Louie, must be, well…perfect. When it turns out that life–and possibly Louie–has other plans, the girls get a sweet taste of all the fun there is to be had when perfection is off the table. Linda Ashman’s lively rhymes and Alea Marley’s vibrant illustrations serve up a classic tale of enduring friendship at a tea party that will leave readers everywhere wanting to pull up a chair.