Book of the Day: The Bear House

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
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Princess Aster and Princess Ursula are the only children of the Bear Major, high king and head of the royal House of the Hemoth Bear. Rivals, both girls dream of becoming queen someday, although neither really deserve to–brilliant, spoiled, and difficult, they have little to recommend them. But everything changes when fire and murder come to their castle, and the crown is stolen from their family. Overnight, the girls are forced to run, along with the half-grown grizzly, Alcor, the symbol of their house, and the lowly bearkeeper Dev. As a bitter struggle for the throne consumes the kingdom in civil war, dragging every family from the House of Hounds to the House of the Ox into chaos, the sisters must rely on Dev, Alcor, and each other to survive–and find wells of courage, cunning, and skill they never knew they had. From celebrated fantasist Meaghan McIsaac, The Bear House is the first entry in a series set in a gritty medieval world where the ruling houses are based on the constellations–and the stakes are sky high.