Book of the Day: The Beast and the Bethany

Sunday, May 2, 2021
All Day


Ebenezer Tweezer has spent nearly all of his 511 years living alone in a beautiful mansion filled with beautiful things. Well–not entirely by himself. There’s that small thing of  the beast in his attic, which he feeds all manner of meals (such as performing monkeys, his pet cat, and the occasional cactus), and in return the beast vomits out presents for Ebenezer, including potions that keep him young and beautiful. But the beast grows ever greedier, and soon only a nice, juicy child will do. Enter the perfect beastly meal. Bethany is a frankly dreadful child living at the Institute for Gentlemanly Boys and Ladylike Ladies, where she torments the other children and the frazzled Miss Fizzlewick. If any child is to be gobbled up the by the beast, a Bethany is surely the right choice. Yet as Ebenezer gets to know Bethany, doubt starts creeping in. Could it be that Bethany is less meal worthy and more…friend worthy?