Book of the Day: The House That Wasn’t There

Sunday, June 20, 2021
All Day


Alder has always lived in his cozy little house in Southern California. And for as long as he can remember, the old walnut tree has stood between his house and the one next door. That is, until a new family–with a particularly annoying girl his age–moves into the neighboring house and cuts it down.
Oak doesn’t understand why her family had to move. She has to go to a new school, find new friends, and live in a new house that isn’t even ready–her mother had to cut down a tree in order to make room for a second floor. And the strange boy next door won’t stop staring at her, like she did something wrong moving here in the first place.
As Oak and Alder meet, they can’t imagine ever becoming friends. But they soon discover a series of connections between them–mysterious, possibly magical puzzles they can’t put together. At least not without each other’s help.
Award winning author Elana K. Arnold returns with an unforgettable story of the strange, wondrous threads that run between all of us, whether we know they’re there or not.