Book of the Day: The Last Rabbit

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
All Day


“I wasn’t always a rabbit–that much I can tell you.” On the magical island of Hybrasil live a Magician and four enchanted rabbit sisters. One by one, the rabbits are leaving the island, accompanied by a Boy and his boat. He takes them wherever they choose. When the rabbits find their destiny, they can turn back into girls. The last rabbit, Albie, remains. she doesn’t want to leave, but Hybrasil is sinking. Before she can go with the Boy in his boat, Albie must fix something that went wrong. Only then can she reveal her own secret wish and discover the strength she needs to face enemies both in the world and inside herself. This lyrical story by author Shelley Moore Thomas shows how one mistake can lead to many consequences, and how forgiveness and family are always within reach.