Book of the Day: To the Front! Clara Barton Braves the Battle of Antietam

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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When Clara Barton sets her mind to helping others, nothing can stand in her way. After seeing firsthand just how badly the Union army needs medical supplies, Clara is determined to collect and deliver them into the thick of battle. she is also committed to assisting doctors in caring for thousands of suffering soldiers. That fearless dedication pays off as Clara Barton becomes one of the first women to receive permission to serve on a Civil War battlefield. And, it is at Antietam, during the bloodiest day in American history, that she rightly earns the name “Angel of the Battlefield.”
Author Claudia Friddell builds on Clara Barton’s poignant words found in Civil War journals and speeches to bring to life this great humanitarian and trailblazer for generations of military nurses to come.