Book of the Day: Triple Threat

Friday, January 15, 2021
All Day


When 12 year old Alex Carlisle decides to try out for the Orville Middle School football team, in a new book by Mike Lupica, she knows it won’t be easy. But she doesn’t expect so much hostility from her all-male teammates either. Just because she’s a girl. Football has always made Alex happy. she and her single father never miss a Steelers game, and Alex knows she has a talent for throwing the perfect spiral. But the guys suck the joy right of the game for her. To make matters worse, most of Alex’s old soccer buddies won’t even talk to her, angry that Alex chose football over helping them make it to the championship.
Suddenly, Alex is the lowest she’s ever felt. But if there’s one thing Alex knows for sure, it’s that she deserves the chance to pursue her dreams. With her dad by her side, her best friend Sophie cheering her on, and encouragement from new friend Jabril, Alex has everything she needs t achieve her goals. Now getting QB is about so much more than just her love of the game. If Alex wants the top spot, she’s going to have to fight for it.