Book of the Day: Trouble in the Stars

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
All Day


Trouble is in trouble…Trouble knows two things: they are a shapeshifter, and they are running from something–but they don’t know what. So when the government–the StarLeague–shows up, Trouble figures it’s time to flee. Changing from a blob of goo form to adorable puppy form to human boy form, Trouble stows away on the Hindsight, a ship crewed by the best navigators and engineers in the galaxy, led by the fearsome Captain Astra. when Trouble is discovered, the captain decides to be nice–instead of tossing out an airlock, she’ll drop Trouble off at the next space station. As the ship travels, Trouble uses the time to figure out how to be a good human boy, and starts to feel safe. But when a young StarLeague cadet shows up to capture Trouble, things get complicated, especially when Trouble reveals a shapeshifter form that none of them could have expected. Soon a Chase across the galaxy begins. Safety, freedom, and home are at stake and not just for Trouble. From acclaimed author Sarah Prineas comes a rip-roaring outer space adventure about an oddball hero, a crew of misfits, and finding family where you least expect it.