Book of the Day: We are Wolves

Saturday, May 7, 2022
All Day


We must go! You can’t bring anything! We must go!
This is what Liesl Wolf’s mother tells her and her younger brother and sister on the last day they will ever see their home, or their father, again. the Russian army is marching into East Prussia, and the rumors of what will happen next are too terrible to risk being true. But their race to the south only leads them to another war zone and a blitz that separates Liesl and her siblings from their mother. Now, alone in a forest, Liesel must do what she’s always promised she would: keep Otto and baby Mia safe. But she never dreamed that “no matter what” could mean doing bad things. Dangerous things. Wild things. But sometimes, to survive, you must become a wolf.
During the Second World War, hundreds of German children were forced to flee or were simply abandoned into the immense forests of Eastern Europe. They were known as the Wolfskinder. The wolf children. This is their story.