Book of the Day: Becoming Vanessa

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
All Day


On Vanessa’s first day of school, she wears her fanciest outfit so her new classmates will be able to notice her right away. They notice, but the attention isn’t what she’d hoped for. As the day goes on, she feels more self-conscious. Her clothes are too bright, her feather boa has way too many feathers, and even her name is too hard to write. Vanessa tells her mom she just wants to blend in. And why couldn’t her parents have haven her a name that was easier to write? When her mother tells her the meaning behind her name, she finally has the confidence she needs to introduce her classmates to the real Vanessa. Inspired by author Vanessa Brantley-Newton’s own childhood, this story will help kids just starting school transform from timid caterpillars into beautiful butterflies, full of self love.