Book of the Day: Hope Springs

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
All Day


A little hope might lead her home…

Eleven-year-old Jubilee Johnson is an expert at three things: crafting, moving, and avoiding goodbyes. On the search for the perfect place to call home, Jubilee tricks nan into moving to Hope Springs, Texas–birthplace of her TV crafting idol, Arletta paisley. It’s here where Jubilee meets a girl set on winning the local fishing tournament and a boy who says exactly the right thing by hardly speaking at all. But when the town is threatened by a mega-chain superstore fronted by Arletta Paisley, Jubilee is faced with her toughest decision yet: skip town again or stand up to her onetime hero. With the help of her new friends and the one person she never thought she’d need–her momma–will Jubilee find a way to save the town she’s come to love and convince Nan it’s finally time to stay? Packed with southern charm, unforgettable characters, and a whole lot of crafting, Hope Springs, by Jaime Berry, is an uplifting story that is sure to steal reader’s hearts.