Where the Water Takes Us
Finch House
Light Comes to Shadow Mountain
The Spirit Glass
The Gilded Girl
The Tarnished Garden
The Girl From Earth
Secret of the Sky
The International House of Dereliction
We Still Belong
The Probability of Everything
Brick Dust and Bones
Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots
Crimson Twill Witch in the Country
Not an Easy Win
Julia and the Shark
The Storyteller
The Hurricane Girls
The Demon Sword Asperides
Mirror to Mirror
The Umbrella Maker
The McNifficents
Code Red
Aniana Del Mar Jumps In
The Hunt for the Hollower
Sea of Gold
Haru Zombie Dog Hero
Peril at Price Manor
Hope in the Valley
The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves: S.O.S.
A Bit of Earth
The Legend of Greyhallow
The Lost Library
Top Marks for Murder
Stinetinglers 2
Theo Tan and the Iron Fan
What Happened to Rachel Riley?
Control Freaks
Frances and the Werewolves of the Black Forest
Clara Poole and the Long Way Round
The Rabbit
Key Player