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Book of the Day: Sir Fig Newton and the Science of Persistence

May 28, 2022

For Mira Williams, the summer is not off to a great start. Her best friend, Thomas, just moved a billion and one miles away from Florida, to Washington, DC. Her dad has been laid off and is feeling down. And Tamika Smith, Mira’s nemesis, who’s kept her in second place at the school science fair four years running, just moved into Thomas’s old house–right down the street from Mira. Things also don’t seem right with Mira’s beloved cat, Sir Fig Newton. After a little research and a trip to the vet, Mira discovers that Sir Fig has the silent cat killer: diabetes. The treatment is very expensive, and as Mira’s dad is out of work, her family can’t afford it right now. But Mira knows she can’t just quit on her furry BFF! she is determined to find a way to raise the money needed in a month. With a little ingenuity, a little science, and a lot of love, Mira embarks on her biggest project ever: saving Dir Fig and helping her dad out of his funk, all without Thomas at her side. In this heartwarming debut, Mira learns about friendship, believing in yourself, and the power of community.


May 28, 2022
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