Book of the Day: Many Points of Me

Friday, August 6, 2021
All Day


The moment Georgia sees the pencil points on the back of the drawing, she knows what they mean. It’s a feeling, like the spark of inspiration–or the shiver of a secret. she has uncovered a sketch for a painting. The painting her father–a famous artist–never had a chance to make. The one that her mother has always said was supposed to be of Georgia. Ever since her father died, Georgia hasn’t been sure about anything. Not about herself. Not about her own art. Not even about whether her best friend Theo is still her best friend. But here is something Georgia can prove, something she can discover, something that will make her mark, alongside her father’s. And following the path of this mystery just might help Georgia find herself again, too. Caroline Gertler’s luminous debut novel about friendship, grief, and self-identity introduces a young artist you won’t soon forget.