Book of the Day: Once Upon a Camel

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
All Day


In this book by author Kathi Appelt, Zada is an achy old camel with a treasure trove of stories to tell. She’s won camel races for the ruling Pasha of Smyrna…crossed treacherous oceans to new lands…led army missions with her best camel friend by her side…and outsmarted a far too pompous mountain lion. But these stories were before. Now, Zada wanders the desert as the last camel in Texas. But she’s not alone. Two tiny kestrel chicks nestled in the fluff of fur between her ears–kee-killy-keeing for their missing parents–and a dust storm the size of a mountain are taking Zada on one more grand adventure. And it could lead to Zada’s most brilliant story yet.