Indoor Qigong

Saturday, February 24, 2024
9:30 am


Qigong is a traditional Chinese mindful exercise system for cultivating and strengthening the body’s vital energy. Also known as “Chinese Yoga,” Qigong consists of a series of slow-flowing movements, which gently stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments. Similar to Tai Chi, these low-impact exercises heighten awareness of the mind-body-breath connection. Meditation and visualization are also a part of Qigong practice. Using the mind, the practitioner gathers, guides and circulates internal energy with graceful and precise movements. Qigong can be practiced by all age groups and can easily be adapted for the physically challenged. Join us for weekly classes by Morristown certified instructor Bianca Godoy. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience or registration required. This class will be held in the upstairs F.M. Kirby Gallery.