Mindful Movement Gentle Exercise: Every Tuesday this February

Woman in gentle yoga pose
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
7:00 pm


We are currently co-partnering with the Long Hill Library and Anita Pacheco of Anita’s Attitude Adjustments, who taught some of our outdoor yoga and qigong classes in 2020, to offer “Mindful Movement” every Tuesday evening in February 2021, and March 2nd, from 7:00-7:40 pm.

What is Mindful Movement? Our instructor asks us to think of it as gently moving our bodies while calming our minds. Using our breath, imagery and alignment, we will distract the overstimulated mind by changing its focus. With various movements and postures we will release areas of tension, gain strength and find new sources of energy and vitality. The result: joyfulness and a feeling of peacefulness.

Please come to virtual class wearing comfortable clothing, either barefoot or with other non-skid shoes. We will use a chair as a prop. Please have the chair set up on a non-skid surface with enough space to sit on it, stand beside it, behind it and in front of it with arms outstretched. Please email marylynn.becza@mmt.mainlib.org for the link to this class.