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Pathfinders are guides to help you get started doing research on a particular topic.

New Jersey Nature & Wildlife Resources

Watercolor of wildflowers, by Ella Mabel Clark

Handpainted illustration from Ella Mabel Clark’s Wildflowers of Morris County, New Jersey HM6 Cla

Books from our Collection:


New Jersey’s parks, forests and natural areas. Brown, Micahel P.
H2 Brown New

Twenty-five nature spectacles in New Jersey. Burger, Joanna & Gochfield, Michael
H2 Burg

The wonderful world of New Jersey: Our natural resources. Crowell, Victor L.
H2 Cro

30 walks in New Jersey. Dann, Kevin & Miller, Gordon
H2 Dann

An ecological history of New Jersey. Stansfield, Charles A.
H2 Stan

Animals, Birds & Wildlife:

New Jersey’s endangered and threatened plants and animals.Cromartie, William J.
H2 New End

Wildlife of northwest New Jersey. Gioseffi, Daniela & Mading, Pamela
H2 Gios

Butterflies of New Jersey. Gochfield, Michael & Burger, Joanna
H2 Goch

Birds of New Jersey. Tekiela, Stan
H2 Teki

Plants and Vegetation:

The ferns of New Jersey. Chrysler, M.A. & Edwards, J.L.
H2 Chr

Wildflowers of New Jersey. Klimas, John E.
H2 Kli

Vegetation of New Jersey: A study of landscape diversity. Robichaud, Beryl & Buell, Murray F.
H2 Rob

Plant Communities of New Jersey: A study of landscape diversity. Collins, Beryl Robichaud & Anderson, Karl H.
H2 Robi


The Vanishing New Jersey Landscape. Fiori, Clem
H2 Fio

New Jersey: The Natural State. Hiscano, Dwight
H2 Hisc

New Jersey: Images of Wildness. Till, Tom
H2 Till

Watercolor of wildflowers, by Ella Mabel ClarkHandpainted illustration from Ella Mabel Clark’s Wildflowers of Morris County, New Jersey HM6 Cla

Morris County:

Wildflowers of Morris County, New Jersey (3 volumes). Clark, Ella Mabel
HM6 Cla

The Rockaway River and its treasured resources, Morris County, New Jersey. Friends of the Rockaway River
HM1 Rock


We also have series of publications by various institutions that cover the natural sciences in New Jersey and Morris County including:

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins (on plants and birds)
H1 582.2

New Jersey Conservation Foundation publications (bulletins, annual reports, and journals)

Morris County Master Plan and Open Space documents
HM Plan Mas, HM Plan Open

Annual Reports of the State Geologist (historical reports dating from 1854-1909)

Other publications from the State Geologist (Geologic series, reports and surveys)
H1 550

Reports and master plan for the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
HM Grea

On the Web:

Frelinghuysen Arboretum
New Jersey Audubon Society
New Jersey Botanical Garden
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection