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Historic Preservation

Moving a house, Morristown, NJ

Moving 9 Pine Street to DeHart Street, Morristown, NJ

Online Resources:


Library of Congress: Built In America (Historic American Buildings Survey Digital Collection)
Morris County Heritage Commission
Morris County Preservation Trust
National Register of Historic Places
National Trust for Historic Preservation
New Jersey Historic Preservation Office
New Jersey Historic Trust
New Jersey Historical Commission
Preservation Directory
Preservation New Jersey

Researching Your Historic Property:

How to Research the History of a House
(NJ Historic Preservation Publication) PDF

National Register Bulletin: Researching an Historic Property

Preservation Related Documents:

Morristown National Register Nomination Form

A Landmark Inventory: an Inventory of Structures in Bergen County Built Prior to 1850.
H3B1 Juni Lan

Books in our Collection:

Preservation in the United States:

Historic Preservation: Collective Memory and Historical Identity.Barthel, Diane L.
H 363.69 Bar

America Restored. Highsmith, Carol
H 917.3 Hig

Preservation Comes of Age: from Williamsburg to the National Trust. Hosmer, Charles Bridgam
H 363.690973 Hos

Preserving New England. Kay, Jane Holt
H 974 Kay

The National Historic Preservation Act and the National Park Service: a history. Mackintosh, Barry
H 363.68 Mac

Past meets Future: Saving America’s Historic Environments.
H 363.69 Past

Historic Districts of America: The Mid-Atlantic. Richardson, Ralph W.
H 917.4 Ric

Preservation in Morris County:

Inventory of Structures: Morristown National Historic Park.Arbogast, David

Parsippnay-Troy Hills Cultural Resource Survey. Benton, R. Bruce
HM2 Pars Ben

Splinters from the past: Discovering History in Old Houses. Fowler, Alex D.
HM1 Fow

The Willows at Fosterfields: Historic Structure Report. Guter, Robert P.
HM51T Fost Gut

Historic Sites of Morris County. Morris County Heritage Commission
HM Heri His

Preservation in New Jersey:

Haddonfield Historic Homes: Success Through Historic Preservation. Aiken, Joan L.
H3C5 Hadd Aik

Morven: Memory, Myth and Reality. Greiff, Constance M.
H3M5 Prin Mor Gre

Hopewell: A Historical Geography. Hunter, Richard W.
H3M5 Hope Hun

Historic Preservation Survey of the Morris Canal in Warren County, New Jersey. Morrell, Brian H.
H3W1 Morr

Historic Preservation Planning in New Jersey: Selected Papers on the Identification, Evaluation and Protection of Cultural Resources. Office of New Jersey Heritage
H1 363.69 His

Preserving New Jersey: a Handbook for Historic Preservation.
H 363.69 Pre

Your Historic Home:

A Comprehensive Guide for Listing a Building in the National Register of Historic Places. Greenberg, Gail
H 363.69 Gre

Caring for Your Historic House. Heritage Preservation & The National Park Service
H 690.24 Car

If these Walls could Talk: An Easy Guide to Tracking Your House’s Genealogy. Houck, Maurcia DeLean
H 721.072 Hou

House Histories: A Guide to Tracing the Genealogy of Your Home.Light, Sally
H 721.072 Lig

Architectural Reference:

Visual Dictionary of Architecture. Ching, Frank
H 720.3 Chi

Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings: A Handbook for Reproducing and Creating Authentic Landscape Settings. Favretti, Rudy J.
H 712.60973 Fav

Everyday Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic: Looking at Buildings and Landscapes. Lanier, Gabrielle M.
H 720.974 Lan

A Field Guide to American Houses. McAlester, Virginia
H 917.3 Mac

Early American Architecture: From the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period. Morrison, Hugh
H 720.973 Mor

Houses from Books: Treatises, Pattern Books and Catalogs in American Architecture, 1738-1950, a history and guide. Reiff, Daniel D.
H 728 Rei

Preservation Reference:

All about Old buildings: The Whole Preservation Catalog.
H 363.69 All

Dictionary of Building Preservation. Bucher, Ward
H 720.3 Dic

The Restoration Manual: An Illustrated Guide to the Preservation & Restoration of Old Buildings. Bullock, Orin M.
H 720.288 Bul

Northeast Preservation Sourcebook.
H 720.288 Pre

The Old House Catalogue.
H 721.072 Gro

Surveys and Reports:

Morris County Historic Sites Surveys (available for 39 Morris County towns). These detailed reports cover hundreds of historic buildings and houses in the county.
HM2, within specific town sections

Morris County Master Plan: Historic Preservation Element. Morris County Planning Board
HM Plan Mas Hi

Historic Highlights series (available for 15 Morris County towns)  Brochures highlighting historic buildings and sites.
HM2, within specific town sections