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Ghosts and Haunts of New Jersey

Books in Our Collection:


Ghosts of the Garden State. Macken, Lynda Lee
H2 Mack

Haunted New Jersey. Martinelli, Patricia A.
H2 Mart

Spooky New Jersey. Schlosser, S.E.
H2 Schl


The Jersey Devil, by James F. McCloy








The Jersey Devil. McCloy, James F.
H2 Macl

Phantom of the Pines. McCloy, James F.
H2 McCl

The Morristown Ghost


The Morristown Ghost.
HM6 Morr Gho

In 1788, Ransford Rogers promised some of Morristown’s most prominent citizens a share of a large quantity of Tory gold said to be buried in Schooley’s Mountain.  Claiming knowledge of science and the power to dispel spirits guarding the stockpile of gold, Rogers relieved the Morristown citizens of their own money instead.  Caught one night in his act of deception, Rogers was jailed, but escaped with the money. This account, first published in 1792, was printed five times over the years and eventually turned into a play.  Whether as a legend of ghostly doings or a parable of human avarice and folly, the story of the “Morristown Ghost” has endured, capturing the interest of readers for over two centuries.



Hosts of ghosts in Northern New Jersey. Kaschewski, Marjorie.
H2 Kas

Cape May Ghost stories. Seibold, David J.
H3Ca5 Cape Sei

Legends of Long Beach Island: Stirring Tales of Ghosts, Haunted houses, Pirates and More. Siebold, David J.
H3O5 Long Sei

Weird New Jersey
H2 Sceu