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Welcome to our new website!

With recent changes in website software construction and the need for better connectivity with mobile devices, we decided that an effort to improve and redesign our site was in order. Our new look included everything we’ve had before, and more! Our Research Databases, Resources, and Recommended websites are now browseable by subject, and searchable by keyword. Our Book Blog has gotten a makeover, and a sibling page called “Book Lists” in order to bring you MORE exciting book news more often!

Our new website will also allow you to browse more easily on a variety of devices, all the way from a phone or tablet to your desktop. There is also now a site-wide search function, which you can find at the top right of the site. This search has two tabs, the default is set to “Search our Catalog” and the secondary tab allows you to search directly on the website. This can be helpful if you’re not sure where to find your favorite resource from our old website, or just to explore what we have on our new website!

If you cannot find something, please feel free to give us a call at 973-538-2592 or send us a comment in the form below. We hope you enjoy our new look!

Fall Exhibition Depicts the Mid-Century Rise of Morris County

Poster of a country scene that says "Morris County" "The county of the future"

 Our new exhibit, The Changing Landscape of Morris County is now on view in the F.M. Kirby Gallery on the second floor through the end of 2019. Visitors will see Morris County’s rapid growth during the 20th century as residential suburban developments and corporate parks arose from the harsh economic realities of the Great Depression and sacrifices of World War II.


As the federal government and private banks worked to make affordable housing and college education available to returning veterans, Morris County quickly evolved from the pastoral summer retreat of New York City’s elites to one of the state’s most affluent middle class enclaves. Abundant undeveloped land, easy access to multiple transportation networks, and proximity to major Mid-Atlantic metropolises spurred extraordinary residential and commercial development within the region. 


The exhibit traces the changing prospects of downtown businesses as consumers followed retailers to modern shopping malls, as well as the massive investment in transportation infrastructure that connected neighboring markets and cities from the 1950s through the 1970s. Visitors will also see how some Gilded Age estates found a second life as businesses and schools, and how fears of overdevelopment led community members to oppose the destruction of both historic sites and natural resources. 


Volunteer with Friends of the Library!

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Book lovers, your help is needed at The Friends of the Morristown & Morris Township Library book sales. Sales are held Tuesdays 10 AM – 2 PM (No sales on the last two Tuesdays of December) And most 1st and 3rd Saturdays of months from September – June 10 AM – 2 PM

Volunteers may choose either mornings (10-12) or afternoon shifts (12 to 2:15). All proceeds go to the Library for lectures, instructional classes, showings of foreign films and other special events during the year, all free to the public.

For more information or to sign up, please leave your contact information at the Circulation Desk c/o Friends of the Library or email us at: morristownlib.booksale@gmail.com or contact Marian Glarum.

Adult Summer Reading Club: July 1st – August 31st

Why should kids have all the fun? Sign up for the library’s Adult Summer Reading Club and earn entry to weekly prize drawings. You’ll get a gift just for joining! The only requirement is to read or listen to books of any kind – that’s it! Fill out a slip for every book you read or listen to and you will be entered into our weekly prize drawing. Enter to win lots of great prizes all summer long. This year’s theme is A Universe of Stories. There will be puzzles and word searches and book recommendations all about the universe. Sign up begins on Monday, July 1 at the Circulation or Reader’s Advisor desks.

Life in Miniature: Fisher-Price “Little People” and Toy Sets that Mimic Real Life

Exhibit in second Level F.M. Kirby Gallery, June 16–-August 25, 2019

Fisher-Price has long produced toys for which many children (and later adults) remember fondly from their childhood.  Remember that phone with the eyes and red receiver?  How about the slinky dog that was pulled along on wheels by a string?  The little plastic record player? 

One of the most iconic production lines ever produced by the company though is “Little People”—though not officially called that until decades later—miniaturized play sets that mimicked life on a farm, in a school or in a town that became popular toys for four generations of children.  The line of toys was so popular that certain play sets—the farm, the family house, the castle—have been reissued several times and Fisher-Price had competition from several other similar toy sets from rival companies. 

These playthings and more will be displayed in a Library exhibit this summer in our second level F.M. Kirby Gallery.  Follow the trajectory of these popular toys and their cultural significance to the lives of millions of children from the 1950s to the present day.  It is sure to make you nostalgic for playing with “Little People” as a child and have you pondering how those little bits of wood and plastic influenced your worldview.  The exhibit was created and curated by staff of the Library and is on display from June 16 through August 25.

Book Lovers Recommendations May 2019

The Art of Dying Well
By Katy Butler
The Art of Dying Well

This is a non-fiction book that offers practical advice for people as they age. We have many books on preparing for childbirth and child development, but not much to help us prepare to age. This book fills that gap, with plenty of advice for each stage of aging. Check Our Catalog

As Long As We Both Shall Live
By Joann Chaney
As Long As We Both Shall Live

In 1995, Matt Evans’ wife was found burned in a fire, and the detective doesn’t believe Matt’s story, but Matt is not charged for her death. In 2018, Matt, now married to Marie, reports that she has fallen off a cliff on a hike, and now two more detectives have to figure out what has really happened. Lots of twists, turns and surprises. A fast read, one you may want to finish as fast as possible to find out the truth. Check Our Catalog

Beautiful Bad
By Annie Ward
Beautiful Bad

A psychological thriller: Maddie and Ian are married and raising their son in Kansas. Flashbacks tell you how they got there and what may or may not be going on with their relationship. The author will keep you guessing as befits a psychological thriller, the ending should surprise you and keep you thinking about this book after you have finished it. Check Our Catalog

The Dreamers
By Karen Thompson Walker
The Dreamers

A strange epidemic starts in a quiet college town in Southern California when a young college student falls asleep-and cannot be awakened. The novel focuses on several characters who are affected by what soon becomes an epidemic. All scientists know is that the sleepers are also having intense dreams. If anything can jar us from our complacencies, and help us appreciate what we have when we are awake, it might be when our loved ones fall into a dream filled sleep that can’t be stopped. Check Our Catalog

Finding Dorothy
By Elizabeth Letts
Finding Dorothy

This historical fiction novel tells the story of Maud Baum, the widow of L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz books. Maud shows up on the set of the MGM movie being filmed, and wants the film-makers to take into account how she feels the film should be made. The novel flashes back to Maud’s very interesting past, and also focuses on her involvement with the young and exploited star of the movie, Judy Garland. 


Lost and Wanted
By Nell Freudenberger
Lost and Wanted

This book is a wonderful combination of fiction and science. Helen, the narrator, is a physicist, raising a child alone. Her best friend, whom she has drifted away from, dies, and her friend’s husband and child relocate to Helen’s town. Helen mourns her friend’s loss, but is puzzled by messages she is receiving from her dead friend emanating from her friend’s cell phone, which has been lost. The novel deals with grief and loss on many levels, and also opens up the question of what happens when we die. Does science help us answer that question? Check Our Catalog

Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive
By Stephanie Land
Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive

Through a series of life events, Land finds herself trying to support a young daughter and find a way to live on minimum wage jobs. She finds ways to survive by working as a maid, but relates just how difficult it is to survive in a world where even the support systems seem to make life more difficult. By the time the book ends, you will possibly be as exhausted as Land is, but she gives an articulate voice to the voiceless and paints a clear picture of how many in America are forced to live. Check Our Catalog

When All is Said
By Anne Griffin
When All is Said

This is the debut novel by an Irish author. 84 year old Maurice Hannigan spends the evening in the bar of a grand hotel and drinks five drinks-sending a toast one at a time to the most influential people in his life. The author creates a wonderful character here with a sensitive past history. Check Our Catalog

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Are
By Mary Pipher
Women Rowing North: Navigating Life's Currents and Flourishing As We Are

Mary Pipher, a noted psychologist and the author of “Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls,” has now turned 70, and does for older women in this book, what she did for adolescent girls in “Ophelia.” Through real life examples, she shows women just how challenging and exciting it can be to grow older. Check Our Catalog


Unto Us a Son is Given
By Donna Leon
Unto Us a Son is Given

This is the 28th in a series of mysteries whose main character, Comissario Guido Brunetti, a detective in Venice. Brunetti’s father-in-law wants him to investigate a young man whom his father-in-law’s elderly friend wants to legally adopt. This would make the young man an heir to the friend’s fortune. Things get complicated when first the friend dies, and then a guest for the memorial is strangled. Secrets that have been buried for years are unearthed in this exciting mystery. Check Our Catalog