Cloud Library

Downloadable Audio and eBooks

On January 3, 2022, we will begin to transfer our digital books from CloudLibrary to Libby.  Until then, please enjoy CloudLibrary.  Look for more info and updates on our Moving to Libby page.

The library subscribes to the Cloud Library for our audio and eBooks. Click here to download the appropriate App and get started.

thumbnail of Cloud Library tri-foldOnce you have the app downloaded to your device, you can browse and search for books through the app or search for ebooks and audiobooks in the MAIN Library Catalog. Patrons may have a total of three eBooks out at a time.

You can view our how-to brochure by clicking the preview on the right, or find more information such as a user guide, how-to videos, and more instructional material available on the Cloud Library website.


If you turn on “Suggestions” you can also recommend books for purchase if we don’t own them yet! Check out this blog post for instructions on how to turn “Suggestions” on.

Cloud Library’s website includes many great instructions for how to get books onto your preferred device, but finding instructions on how to use Cloud Library if you have a Kobo can be a bit more difficult. If you have a Kobo eReader, it is actually pretty simple! 

  1. Download and then open the Cloud Library app on your computer
  2. Plug your Kobo into your computer
  3. On the Kobo screen it will say “Computer detected” – choose the “Connect” option
  4. In Cloud Library (on the computer) go to the “My Books” tab. Your books should now have a “Transfer to device” option on them. Simply click that button, wait for the transfer to finish, close the Cloud Library app on the computer, and then disconnect your Kobo.
    • If you don’t have any books out, you can search for and borrow titles on your computer, and once you have borrowed them, you will see them in the “My Books” tab on your computer.
  5. Once your titles are transferred to the Kobo and the Kobo is disconnected, you should see them on your home screen, or in the “My Books” section on the Kobo.