Quiz: Choose Your Aesthetic, We’ll Tell You What to Read Next

From NOVL:

“These days, different ‘aesthetics’, as Dorothy Gale so famously said, “Come and go so quickly!” From “Barbiecore” to “Tomato Girl Summer” sometimes these micro-trends seem very random, and very fleeting. But it’s all about embracing what feels right… So however you woke up feeling today, pick an aesthetic and we’ll give you a book recommendation.”

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Quiz: What Type of Dragon Would You Bond With?

From NOVL:

“If you tell me there are different categories of anything in a fantasy book (be it course of study, magic type, companion, or otherwise), I simply must know what I would be/have/do in this world that does not and will never exist. There is nothing I won’t turn into a personality quiz… And if there are dragons?! All bets are off. Please enjoy imagining your fantasy life along with me by finding out which dragon type from So Let Them Burn by Kamilah Cole you would bond with.”

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Quiz: Fantasy Setting or Real Place?

From EpicReads:

“Is there anything more exciting than opening up a fantasy book and—GASP—there’s a map?!? Yeah, we totally get it. Were you also a kid who spent (arguably too much) time looking through real maps and atlases? We’re not judging—some of us were those kids too!

Well, here’s your chance to show off how much you’ve learned!

Turns out there are plenty of real-life places that sound like something out of a fantasy novel, so we wanted to take you on a bit of a knowledge quest. Try our quiz and see which real and fictional places you recognize, or get introduced to some new destinations.”

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Quiz: Escape the Haunted Library


A cartoon house against a red background, with tombstones in the foreground. The text reads "Escape the haunted library."

From the Tor/Forge Blog:

“Endless night streams soft and silver through the reading room’s wide window. You are surrounded by volumes and tomes, candle and moonlight, and out that window—so many stars. Inside there are so many spirits. If you do not escape the library, you will join them.


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Quiz: Choose a K-pop Song, Get a YA Book Rec

From EpicReads:

“Keeping up with the latest K-pop comebacks is very much like trying to keep up with the latest book releases—it’s always happening and it always seems never ending. Which becomes both a blessing and a curse.

In the world of K-pop, there’s always a new song to listen to, a new stage to watch, a new group to stan, and that doesn’t even include wanting to go back in time to listen to old favorites as well. Trying to balance that AND book reading? The book-nerds-who-are-also-K-pop-stans work HARD for the things they love.”

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Quiz: Can You Guess the Book Based on a Small Snippet of Its Cover?

There are so many books out there, but there are a few that are so iconic that everyone—even non-readers—can recognize! As much as it is a testament to the book and story itself, it’s also a testament to the time and effort that the designer(s) put into the cover.

Take this quiz to see how many books you can recognize just from a small snippet of its cover!